Electric Soul

Father You were a man who always made an impression, that few will forget. Those graced with the simplest introduction will never misplace your name. Your captivating spirt clung to those around you, few will ...Read More

Now baby’s six months and one week.

Now baby's six months and one week. You probably find your baby to be more fun than ever! Playing can now be characterized as actually playing instead of just hanging out or walking around. Your ...Read More

Now baby’s five months and one week.

Now baby's five months and one week.  My daughter is filled with joy and excitement and seems almost proud of herself as she observes all her new abilities. She bends her fingers and hands back ...Read More

Straw drinking in 5 easy steps!

Teaching one's child to drink from a straw is quite easy. If your little one is nursing or bottle-fed, they know how to suck. Step 1 Pick out your favorite straw cup. Step 2 Fill ...Read More

A $12.98 item every parent needs!

Don't stop reading but were talking about a straw here. This item has many uses. Traditional Usage I drink most beverages from a straw. They allow for a more pleasurable drinking experience for many reasons. Straw ...Read More

The Sunscreen List: Safe and Scary

Looking for a non-chemical, *non-nano, paraben and dye free sunscreen? Here are my favorites. *Non-nano is a fashionable term right now, but here is some information worth digesting. "A number of companies sell products advertised as ...Read More

Electric Soul

Father You were a man who always made an impression, that few will forget. Those graced with the simplest introduction ...Read More

Now baby’s six months and one week.

Now baby's six months and one week. You probably find your baby to be more fun than ever! Playing can ...Read More

Now baby’s five months and one week.

Now baby's five months and one week.  My daughter is filled with joy and excitement and seems almost proud of ...Read More

Straw drinking in 5 easy steps!

Teaching one's child to drink from a straw is quite easy. If your little one is nursing or bottle-fed, they ...Read More

A $12.98 item every parent needs!

Don't stop reading but were talking about a straw here. This item has many uses. Traditional Usage I drink most beverages ...Read More

The Sunscreen List: Safe and Scary

Looking for a non-chemical, *non-nano, paraben and dye free sunscreen? Here are my favorites. *Non-nano is a fashionable term right now, ...Read More

The room that is often forgotten.

Hallways are important spaces. They allow one to live without chaos. If it weren't for the existence of hallways, one would ...Read More

AHP Perfect Pâte Brisée Pie Crust

AHP Perfect Pâte Brisée Pie Crust is golden, scrumptious, buttery, and flaky. The all-purpose recipe can be used to make ...Read More

A Retro Flashback to School Pictures

If your a homeschooler or anyone looking to get some amazing retro school pictures taken this year, the only place ...Read More

Books You Must Read Your Kids: Volume 1

Books can have a transformative effect on all that read or listen. They educate, inspire, transport us to every corner ...Read More

Baby’s Up all Night: Newborn Sleeping Tips

If you find that your newborn has confused day and night (sleeping all day and awake all night), here are ...Read More

Babies third week of life.

Babies third week of life.  Your baby will likely be able to stay up for 1.5 to 2 hours between ...Read More

A Letter of Gratitude to Sarah and Frederick, MD

I knew little of Frederick, Maryland before moving here just a short time ago. Its charm, beauty and inhabitant's friendly ...Read More

Baby’s second week of life.

Baby’s second week of life. I call Week 2 of a newborn baby’s life "the sweet spot." Whether this is ...Read More

Best Salad in Frederick

There is nothing better than working from your favorite restaurant on a rainy afternoon... a glass of rosé in one ...Read More

Paint Your Ceilings

Stop living in a sea of beige and white and grab a paint brush! Many are terrified of color but the ...Read More

Education Through Exploration & Nature

A requirement of any spring-time craft... your art must involve the outdoors. So grab your little ones, a plate and ...Read More

AHP Crispy Pecans

Crispy pecans are much different from their plain cousin. There is no butter or sugar required to make them, yet, they taste both of ...Read More

A Classic Beauty

If you're classic, the only nail polish you'll ever need is Dior Glow... enough said ...Read More

Masterfully Formed Twisted Grass for Easter

Wonky, wimpy, vibrant, handwoven and beautifully crafted describe the West Africa baskets brought to the U.S. by the Alaffia company. I ...Read More

The Sanctuary Many Moms are Missing

The peace many parents are missing in life is the gift of time… the sanctuary of calm and quiet that ...Read More

Smart Candy Free Easter Baskets on a Budget

Candy free Easter baskets are usually one of two things: expensive or filled with bubbles and stuffed animals. Most children ...Read More

An appropriately delightful gift for any Easter invitation!

Amber & Smoke Hand poured by Paddywax Apothecary. Smell. A sense that brings pleasure and comfort. An aroma both masculine and ...Read More

The Healing Power of Manuka Honey

Mychal I'd love your input on Mānuka Honey. I've had some women swear by it for wound healing and another ...Read More

My Valentine’s Day & A Tip for Parents

It’s Valentine's Day! My two oldest girls and I sit at the kitchen table making holiday necklaces... it’s hearts galore ...Read More

Need alone time with all your children?

I am a mom of three (5 years, 3 years and a newborn). I have all my kids at home (no childcare), ...Read More

Best Burger in Frederick

The search for the best burger in the greater Frederick area was hard, but ultimately successful. After a 6 month search, I still ...Read More

Don’t have sex after giving birth without reading this article.

Neither you or your partner should have any expectations of what sex should be after birth. Just like pregnancy, labor, and delivery, all our journeys ...Read More

What’s really on the bottom of that potty?

Cleaning a toddler potty can be disgusting. Smeared with poop and splattered in urine, they can be difficult and gross ...Read More

Use this 1 simple trick to make perfect sweet potatoes every time!

A baked sweet potato needs no accoutrements, served on its own with no more than a pad of butter and a ...Read More

Why I decided to let my daughters pierce their ears.

To pierce or not to pierce? Before I had my first daughter, I had no idea how culturally intertwined babies and ...Read More

A Netflix Original Series: ‘Trollhunters’

My reaction to Trollhunters: Netflix, DreamWorks Animation and Guillermo del Toro were successful in creating a wonderful TV series for children in Trollhunters. The ...Read More

Prepping for Birth: Do you need a nursing backpack?

Whether you're preparing for your first baby or your fourth, it's helpful to have much more at hand than a ...Read More

AHP Toasted Sweet & Spicy Pecans

Deeply nutty and mildly spicy with a subtle sweetness, these rich AHP Toasted Sweet & Spicy Pecans are great as a ...Read More

AHP Christmas Breakfast Bread Pudding

This Christmas breakfast recipe is quick and easy. It's perfect for any laid back meal, fabulous brunch or served for ...Read More

AHP Jamaican Banana Bread

I love banana bread, but sometimes it can be a bit boring... but not this recipe! AHP Jamaican Banana Bread is ...Read More

AHP Recycled Jewelry

If you're a parent or school teacher that is interested in teaching your children to repurpose, reuse and recycle, or maybe you ...Read More

Enchanted Parenthood

I am frequently asked by women ranging in age for early twenties to mid forties... "What is it like being a ...Read More

AHP Homemade Play Dough

Play dough… such a wonderful invention! Whether your 2-year-old wants to make a faux cake with sprinkles on top, or ...Read More

AHP Easy Peach Cobbler Hack

Fall is here and it's time to bake. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of our baked confection dreams... that's why ...Read More


My reaction to Storks: Whether Warner Animation Group intended to create the perfect trifecta or not... they did! Babies and ...Read More

Starburst didn’t deliver but they did…

For over 50 years, Starburst fruit candies have been marketed as “unexplainably juicy," or some other version of that slogan. Let's be ...Read More

Little Red Riding Hood Collection at Target

If your babies, toddlers or kids are still in need of fall clothing, get them at Target! Target has been killing it ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 26 weeks – day 1 – Antibiotic Pregnancy Failure

Pregnancy Journals - 26 weeks - day 1 - Antibiotic Pregnancy Failure Today, I was informed that I have a ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 23 weeks – day 2 – Sit on the floor tired and pregnant.

Pregnancy Journals - 23 weeks - day 2 - Sit on the floor tired and pregnant. I am exercising regularly, ...Read More

Milk Paint, Distressing Furniture or Mailboxes

The best part about distressing furniture/mailboxes, is there is almost no way to mess the process up! Here's a quick and easy guide ...Read More

‘The Secret Life of Pets’

My reaction to The Secret Life of Pets: Adorably animated, upbeat and fun, fun, fun! Max, a Jack Russell terrier (Louis C.K.) ...Read More

Room Sharing

Hi my name is Bailey. I have two girls. My eldest is 6 years old and my youngest is 2 ...Read More

Ikea’s Best: The LÄMPLIG

Made of bamboo and reasonably priced at $16.99, everyone should have a LÄMPLIG Chopping Board. It's an Ikea treasure. The accessory need never be ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 18 weeks – day 2 – Fetal Anatomy Scan

Pregnancy Journals - 18 weeks - day 2 - Fetal Anatomy Scan Today, I had my fetal anatomy scan and ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 18 weeks – day 1 – You may be in need of electrolytes!

Pregnancy Journals - 18 weeks - day 1 - You may be in need of electrolytes! I am struggling to ...Read More

2016 Summer Beauty Favs

Our Summer Beauty Favs of 2016 embody the season in all of its glory. We're embracing our natural beauty, enjoying the hot ...Read More

Lake Champlain Chocolates Organic Peanut Butter Bar

Lake Champlain Chocolates Organic Peanut Butter Bar is magnificent! The classic combination of ingredients is beloved by most.  Yet, it's rare ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 16 weeks – day 5 – Life Has Not Been Easy

Pregnancy Journals - 16 weeks - day 5 - Life Has Not Been Easy Over the past couple weeks, “pregnancy” ...Read More

Feed Your Wood

The best way to enrich and restore the natural grain of your wood furniture is to use Howard Feed-N-Wax. With ...Read More

Better Than the Norm

Need a ceiling fixture for a young lady's room? The West Elm Capiz Round Pendant is both sweet and feminine, any little girl's dream ...Read More

A Rueben Worth Traveling For

There’s nothing better than a great Reuben. The problem is, they’re hard to find that are truly properly composed. The American ...Read More

Oil Your Face Up!

Want glowing, dewy, healthy skin? Stop using irritant cleansers (anything that’s not oil, lol)! Why use the oil cleaning method? The overuse ...Read More

Awesome Tips to Decorate Your Shelves

Countless homeowners struggle with the design of their shelving. If you also need some help arranging your possessions properly, or if you're ...Read More

AHP Wrap Around

Typically painted, plain drywall is boring. It's everywhere you look. Luckily, there’s a secret in design and it's the AHP ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 13 weeks – day 2 – Heightened Sense of Smell

Pregnancy Journals - 13 weeks - day 2 - Heightened Sense of Smell Last night, I had ONE BITE of ...Read More

The most important make-up advice everyone needs!

The most important tip I can give you for perfect make-up application... BLEND. Expensive, beautiful make-up won't translate into a ...Read More

With a strike of match!

If you’re serious about your candles, then you’re probably already a fan of Produce Candles. Each jar is filled with a beautiful freshness, a ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 10 weeks – day 2 – Sweating

Pregnancy Journals - 10 weeks - day 2 - Sweating For the past couple weeks it has been very cold ...Read More

Mumbo Sauce a DC Staple

Mumbo sauce can be found in many "Chinese chicken wing sub shop" take-out restaurants. The sweet sauce is reminiscent of plum ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 10 weeks – day 1 – About the size of a kumquat.

Pregnancy Journals - 10 weeks - day 1 - About the size of a kumquat.  My baby is about the ...Read More

Best Vegetarian Sushi in the DC Area!

I think everyone loves vegetable/vegetarian sushi now and again. What's not to love about an avocado roll?! But for those of ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 9 weeks – day 6 – First Prenatal Appointment

Pregnancy Journals - 9 weeks - day 6 - First Prenatal Appointment Today, I had my first prenatal appointment. Depending ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 6 weeks – day 1 – Waking up to pee!

Pregnancy Journals - 6 weeks - day 1 - Waking up to pee! Today, my baby is about the size ...Read More

Your child can be van Gogh!

What do you do with all your child's artwork? Do you store it? Do you hang every piece? Is it appropriate ...Read More

‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’

The premise: The betrayed "Ice Queen" consumed with rage over the loss of her daughter, ruled over the land destroying and ...Read More

AHP Drunken Strawberries

Fondue is often made for romantic occasions, which is nice, but I can eat fondue at anytime. It's always fun for ...Read More

Get Your Baby Some Dutch Doors

Dutch doors aren't just for horses, they're for babies too! Baby gates are wretched! Not only are they hideous, but ...Read More

Dear Readers

To all my loyal readers. I thank you for your patience and understanding during my illness. I'm still not 100% ...Read More

Natural Floor Shine

The best way to clean your wood floors isn't with fancy expensive dangerous chemicals, but with good old fashioned olive ...Read More

A “girly” drink a confident man will love.

AHP Kraken & Lemonade servings 1 drink ingredients Kraken Dark Rum Newman's Own Lemonade Maraschino cherry instructions Fill a high ball ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 5 weeks – day 7 – Peeing all the time!

It’s official, I need to pee constantly. I am right on schedule with the common first trimester/6 weeks timeline of ...Read More

A brush that will change your world!

The Mason Pearson Brush, a high quality item that is worth the cost! The brushes range in price from approximately $100 to ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 5 weeks – day 1 – The Marathon

Pregnancy Journals - 5 weeks - day 1 - The Marathon Today, my baby is about the size of an ...Read More

Why is your paint runny?

Whether trying to paint with a $30 can of paint or an $80 can of paint, it's frustrating to open up ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 4 weeks – day 3 – I’m Pregnant/Progesterone

Pregnancy Journals - 4 weeks - day 3 - I’m Pregnant/Progesterone I am positively pregnant! This is my third child ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 4 weeks – day 2 – Trying for baby/thoughts.

Pregnancy Journals - 4 weeks - day 2 -  Trying for baby/thoughts. My husband and I have been together for about ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 4 weeks – day 1 – About the size of a poppy seed.

Pregnancy Journals - 4 weeks - day 1 - About the size of a poppy seed. My baby is about ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 3 weeks – day 2 – What is the pregnancy waiting game?

Pregnancy Journals - 3 weeks - day 2 - What is the pregnancy waiting game? What is the pregnancy waiting ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – 3 weeks – day 1 – blastocyst stage

3 weeks - day 1 - blastocyst stage Today, I am experiencing a great deal of cramping in my uterus, ...Read More

Pregnancy Journals – menstrual cycle – 28-day cycle

Pregnancy Journals - menstrual cycle - 28-day cycle In order to conceive you must ovulate! Here's a brief overview of menstrual ...Read More

Why did I get a question mark on pregnancy test?

If you took a pregnancy test only for the screen to display a question mark, here are some reasons the test ...Read More

NaiNai’s Noodle & Dumpling Bar

Nainai's Noodle & Dumpling Bar located in Silver Spring MD isn't fancy, but serves great cheap eats. Bao Chicka Wow Bao ...Read More

The Best Toothbrush Ever!

None of us intend to have poor dental hygiene, but the truth is, most toothbrushes are poorly designed, rendering them ergonomically ...Read More

Impending Mosquito Attacks & Burned Skin

Every year, many "natural mamas" ask me, "How can I care for mosquito bites and harmful sun rays naturally?" To this ...Read More

The Perfect Easter Candy

Easter is just over a week away (Sunday, March 27, 2016). My family and I will be celebrating the holiday with help ...Read More

Transform Your Old IKEA PS Laptop Station into a Baby Center (Hack)

Do you have a limited space but need as much storage as you can get for your baby's diapers and supplies? Or maybe ...Read More

Cramping, Spotting & Pregnancy

There are many great frustrations one may experience when trying to conceive. One of the most disheartening is the waiting game every ...Read More

How to Remove all the Grunge with Apple Cider Vinegar

Although sometimes I buy a few cleaning products, I make most at home using Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). Don't be worried about the ...Read More


My reaction to Zootopia: a must see, my favorite kids animation ever! The film addresses prejudices and stereotypes and those that concur ...Read More

Am I pregnant?

How does a pregnancy test work? Whether taking a urine or blood test, they both measure the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin ...Read More

Jeuge up those boring bathroom shelves!

There's never anything too interesting happening in the world of bathroom shelving. The options... a tiled or glass shelf... but both are boring ...Read More

BOSSE Bar Stool Dip Painting IKEA Hack

The BOSSE Bar Stools from IKEA are alright. They're made of natural solid birch wood. The stools can be easily stored under a countertop ...Read More

Integrate Your Children’s Toys

Playrooms are great; each toy is likely designated to its own area tucked away in fancy organized bins, and if ...Read More

Why the Nose Frida?

The Nose Frida, is doctor invented and recommended. It's a hygienic and safe way to remove mucus from your infant, baby, or toddler’s ...Read More

Red Maple Asian Cuisine & Bar

Red Maple is a wonderful dine-in/take-out restaurant. Located across from the Four Corners Shopping Center (Woodmoor Shopping Center) in Silver Spring, ...Read More

IKEA’S Ice-cream Candles

The soft, romantic light of a burning candle is most always relaxing, but IKEA'S new scented tea light, SINNLIG Vanilla Pleasure, smells like a ...Read More

Angry Birds Toons

Two nights ago, while snuggling with my girls in the living room "camping on a blow-up mattress," we perused on-demand. My ...Read More

Guests, Playdates & a Newborn

Whether you stay at home with your new baby(s), or if you're a working parent, life with a newborn is ...Read More

Blabla… Kids Toys, Bedding and Decor

  giant dolls Blabla are the true masters of creating little gems full of splendor and magic. Their handmade giant dolls tower over ...Read More

AHP Buttered Coffee

There has been research supporting the health benefits of drinking "buttered coffee.” But don't worry about all that. Drink it ...Read More

International Units & Vitamin E

If you make your own homemade beauty products, or use Vitamin E as your nighttime moisturizer to reduce the appearance ...Read More

I’m Loosing My Hair After Birth

I'm losing my hair after giving birth to my twins. Is this normal? Response:  Yes, don't worry, hair loss is normal. All moms encounter ...Read More

AHP Chocolate Cake Shot

I never thought to put Frangelico in anything but coffee, hot chocolate, and every dessert I make... until my husband surprised me ...Read More

Lost River Modern

Lost River Modern is a prefab cabin that rests in the mountains of West Virginia... a tranquil, lovely place to vacation, write ...Read More

You’re storing your herbs and spices improperly!

Spice and herb storage rules. Ground spices do not last forever! Only keep ground spices for 6 months. Only purchase whole ...Read More

AHP Campfire Cake Hack

Are you camping with family or friends and interested in making a cake? Well, the AHP Campfire Cake Hack may be a ...Read More

AHP Egg in the Hole

When preparing for a trip to the woods with my family, I planned to make a handful of quick and yummy meals ...Read More

AHP Perfectly Topped Goat Cheese Nachos

Aren't you sick of eating nachos with 50% of the chips lacking toppings? What a waste! Here's a simple guide to make the ...Read More

West Virginia Fruit and Berry Wines

When researching local interests in Lost River, WV, my husband came across a few rave reviews for West Virginia Fruit and ...Read More

AHP Cast Iron Cornbread Casserole

Whether you’re campfire cooking or in an cabin tucked away in the woods, few spices and simple ingredients are a must. AHP Cast ...Read More

Lost River Grill & Motel Review

If you are traveling to Lost River, WV during the week, the Lost River Grill is one of the only restaurants open ...Read More

When do babies go from two naps to one?

When do babies go from two naps to one? Response: A very common question I receive multiple times a week is, "When ...Read More

Jules Destrooper Almond Thins

A Brussels specialty, Jules Destrooper Almond Thins... a butter biscuit thin and crisp. The award winning treasure is perfect for Sunday drives, ...Read More

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

A hard boiled egg... cooked in its shell for easy eating and carting around. Great for picnics, fun snacks or a ...Read More

Honest Brand Diapers Review

Have you ever used Honest brand diapers and would you recommend them? Response: After the birth of my baby I tried ...Read More

Is your toddler adding “y” to the end of his words?

Is your toddler adding "y" to the end of his/her words? If you have wondered why, there are a few potential possibilities ...Read More

‘Kung Fu Panda 3’

My reaction to Kung Fu Panda 3: It was the best in the series! Truthfully, I thought the third movie was ...Read More

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine's Day is typically accompanied by flowers. A floral arrangement may be lovely, but the the gift is fleeting. The classic Valentine’s ...Read More

Homemade Healthy Valentine’s Candies to Die For (Vegan and Paleo)

If you or your partner are trying to eat healthier, or your just in the mood for a DIY Valentine's ...Read More

How much juice & zest is in one lemon?

Lemons are not all the same! There are small, medium and large lemons... juicy and dry lemons. There are too ...Read More

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

My children love the Star Wars series. My toddler begged and pleaded for me to take them to see The Force Awakens in the ...Read More

AHP Snowed in Hot Toddy

In your pajamas, an agreeable shearling lined jacket draped over your shoulders. The house is quiet, hours before your family ...Read More

AHP Easy Pecan Chocolate Lace Cookies

We are in the midst of The Blizzard of '16. For the last 2 days, my husband, daughters and I ...Read More

The Ultimate Bib

The truth about bibs... they don't work the way they should. Some are printed with hilarious saying, others are in ...Read More

Last Minute Beach Waves

If you want beach waves but don't have 6+ hours to wait for overnight wet braids to set, use a straightener to get ...Read More

Fix Winter Dry Skin with the Beauty Blender

Winter weather is starting to plummet. Many will suffer from severely chapped skin leaving their face and make-up looking dry, dull and ...Read More

When are my children old enough to do chores?

When are my children old enough to do chores? Response: 18-months to 2-years-old It depends what you mean by "chores." As early ...Read More

The Joys of the “Terrible Twos”

The terrible twos may not be that terrible. With both of my children, each stage of their lives have been the ...Read More

AHP Bite-size Egg Frittatas

If you're trying to eat healthy or your typical breakfast routine is getting old, AHP Bite-size Egg Frittatas are a tasty way ...Read More

AHP Spicy Kale Chips

Kale is a superfood. One cup of kale contains all this Vitamin A: 206% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA), Vitamin K: 684% ...Read More

How do I get my toddler to “brush” his teeth?

How do I get my toddler to "brush" his teeth? Response: Oral hygiene is important at any age. Unfortunately for ...Read More

Infused liqueur for the Bourbon Whiskey Drinker!

February 8, 2016 marks the year of the monkey in the zodiac calendar. Although, I am not a follower of the Chinese astrology, ...Read More

Swaddling Your Baby

Why you may want to swaddle your baby? Swaddling a baby has many benefits. It may prevent your baby's sleep from ...Read More

Baby Family Album

If you live far from family and friends, you may find it difficult to watch your child grow up without ...Read More

AHP Gooey Skillet Maple Pecan Cake

There's almost nothing you CAN'T do with a cast iron skillet. It's probably the most versatile kitchen item you can buy, ...Read More

Kitchen Fires Extinguish With Salt

Safety is imperative when working in the kitchen. If you have a small grease fire, here is a quick-tip. How ...Read More

AHP Goat’s Cheese Grilled Cheese

Yes, I have ditched cow's milk! All that rubbish I was in possession of is in the trash. Although, the total avoidance ...Read More

Should your brows be brushed up or down?

Ok... brushing up your brows can give you a natural ruggedly beautiful fresh look. But I have to say the trend is ...Read More

How to… A new twist on a braid!

Very few people I know put much effort if any in styling their children's hair. I get it, the last thing we ...Read More

How to Prepare Baby Food & Weaning

In this article I am going to share some tips and tricks to make and store baby food as well ...Read More

How Do I Store Food in the Refrigerator & Freezer?

Unfortunately, there are many life lessons that every individual should be taught, but we just aren't. Whether it be writing a check, ...Read More

How do I get my baby to bathe?

Hi, my name is Brittany. I have four kids and bath time has always been a NIGHTMARE, do you have any suggestions? ...Read More

Parenting New Year’s Resolution

Every new year is full of hope and excitement for the prospect of a brighter future. Goals are written out ...Read More

Q-tip Company Warns You Not to Use Their Product!

Warning: Do not insert swab into the ear canal. Entering the ear canal could cause injury... This warning is not ...Read More

Turn a Mason Jar Into a “Real Glass”

I have a variety of drinking glasses in my home. As an interior designer, one set of drinking vessels just doesn't ...Read More

Emergency Restaurant iPhone Stand

When my husband watches our children, he finds it easiest to go out to lunch. His spot, Buffalo Wild Wings ...Read More

How to make a pinch pot.

In theory, the art of pottery is a wonderful activity for toddlers, but in actuality it can be a rough proposition to carry ...Read More

Beauty Blender: Less Mess Replacement

If flawless make-up application is your goal, a wonderful tool recommendation would be the Beauty Blender. The product will provide a line/crease ...Read More

Cow’s milk can lead to Cancer, switch to the goat!

Are you allergic to milk? Would you prefer animal milk to "substitutes"... almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk etc..? If ...Read More

Help Rolling Out Cookie Dough or Pie Crust

Are you having problems rolling out your cookies or pie crust? Here are a few tips to successfully roll out ...Read More

AHP Surf Salt Spray & Scalp Stimulator

A couple weeks ago, I discovered I have curly hair. Immediately, I began researching organic salt sprays... sprays to buy, or to ...Read More

AHP Natural Baby Liner Application Technique

I am a horse trainer's daughter. I'll get down and dirty for real. All you southern ladies know we'll shovel ...Read More

Contour No-no!!!!!

More and more "regular" people, not just professional make-up artists, have been embracing the contour for an everyday make-up look. A contour ...Read More

Christmas Party Food Displays

Insert some whimsy into your Christmas party with food displayed on an adorable tree instead of a "boring dish." Or ...Read More

Soy Love Spruce Candle

I'm a pine candle hoarder. Every December, I stock up on pine candles for the upcoming new year. My trove ...Read More

Things We Love: Christmas Headbands

I am all about having a little fun in my life. If you are too, then while you're out socializing ...Read More

Free Craft Santa Hats and Beards for Kids or Adults

There are many the would love the AHP Santa Hat and Beard. Anyone wanting to take an amazing Christmas selfie; ...Read More

AHP Homemade Eggnog

There is nothing better than a holiday drink to really suck one into the festive atmosphere. But does anyone really want ...Read More

Amazing Stocking Stuffer Ideas

There are many ways to stuff Christmas stockings: theme, junk, toiletries, candy, and anything small. I love stockings, so I ...Read More

Rody: The Perfect Toy for Crawlers to Adults!

Are you looking for a toy that will grow with your child, be as fun for a baby as for ...Read More


I was far more concerned to have a second baby than to have my first. Not troubled with my own well being, but that of ...Read More

Mayonnaise is an Egg Substitute

My family eat hordes of eggs. My toddler's daily breakfast request consists of 2 poached eggs, chicken sausage and baby carrots ...Read More

OXO… Yes, I pee in my car!

My husband is horrified I am writing this article, but I am who I am, and he loves me that ...Read More

The death of a brother and the cruelty of our world.

My brother died of cancer over a year ago. I think of him daily. I cry often for his widow and my ...Read More

Memory Christmas Ornaments on a Budget

Almost as soon as I posted the article FUJIFILM INSTAX ORNAMENTS, I received a message from a woman who stated, "Buying that camera is too expensive for ...Read More

Don’t use Botox: Maintain your skin naturally!

I have never had the neuro-toxin Botox injected into my face, or any other fillers for that matter. I also am ...Read More

Fujifilm Instax Ornaments: Family Memories for Christmas

Every year, my Christmas tree is decorated with imprinted ornaments. My children's hands, feet, and toes have been pressed into ...Read More


I am not very comfortable talking about sleep. For those of you who don't have children, you may be surprised ...Read More

Steve’s Ice Cream

Being allergic to cow's milk, I shouldn't consume dairy products, but sometimes I do, in small quantities. If I am going ...Read More

AHP Crangarita 3 Ways

AHP Crangarita can be used for three different purposes: an alcoholic drink, a fancy children's non-alcoholic drink or a frozen ...Read More

AHP Nail Polish Glitter Fade

December has arrived and the Christmas countdown has begun. Maybe I am turning into my Grandmother, or another bedazzled individual ...Read More

AHP Parmesan Crisps

AHP Parmesan Crisps are great. They can be eaten like a chip, used for a little crunch in your salad, ...Read More

Buffalo Check Anyone

I steer clear of the red and black clothing combinations. The duo, used extensively as branding colors splashed on websites and logos in ...Read More

Plates for Toddlers or Adults

My toddler eats as much as I do, but her plastic plates don't accommodate the quantity of food she needs. I am ...Read More


If you are nursing and have developed cracked or bleeding nipples, here are some tips. never leave your nipples moist ...Read More

Best Cranberry Sauce Ever

Are you bored of cranberry jelly in a can, or the frozen cranberry and orange juice routine? Look no further, ...Read More

Tips for Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many that drink apple cider vinegar (ACV) for its health benefits. There are also a set of people that ...Read More

Yuan Fu Chinese Vegetarian… Vegan Too

Yuan Fu Vegetarian, a restaurant for a vegetarian/vegan "foodie." As a former vegetarian, it used to be tough to eat out ...Read More

Grow Lashes & Brows

You don't need a bag of tricks or prescriptions to achieve long lashes or thick brows. Health is the main obstacle ...Read More

Flying Dog 2015 Holiday Collection

I have written about Flying Dog Brewery before. One of my favorite beers is their Double Dog Double IPA. The ...Read More

Holiday Toasted All-spice

Need to add some fragrance to your holiday, toast some spices! Over low heat, add all-spice to cast iron skillet and ...Read More

AHP Appreciation Christmas Tree

In years past, my eldest child, a toddler, has understood our family holiday traditions. She knew that I was going ...Read More

Special Moments

If you enjoy crafting, or even if you don't, it's nice to make special memories and beautiful things. My daughter's ...Read More

IKEA Holiday Shopping Guide

IKEA is awesome and affordable! This year, you need to get your holiday decorations and trimmings there.   FEJKA This ...Read More

Produce Candles

I love candles... the aroma and the memories tethered to them. The collection of thoughts and feelings accessible only by fragrance ...Read More

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara

No need to ever try another mascara again. Buy Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara and you’re done searching for life! When you run ...Read More

AHP Mini Thanksgiving Dinner

I think most people enjoy the holidays. The smell of the food, the camaraderie, the "special-ness!" But sometimes, life gets ...Read More

Season Your Cast Iron

Season your cast iron! Cast iron should have a non-stick, glowing, and smooth surface. If your skillet, dutch oven, or ...Read More

Urban Butcher

Go for the pastrami, not the service! Urban Butcher located in Silver Spring, MD has the best pastrami I have ...Read More

The Avocado Experiment for Kids

The Avocado Experiment for Kids purpose To attempt to sprout an avocado seed and maybe grow a tree! experiment duration This ...Read More

AHP Baked Eggs & Peppers

Eggs are my favorite food. I put them on most entrees and side dishes, pasta, pizza, burgers, or plain asparagus ...Read More

Sock Junkie

I am a sock junkie. No-show socks are nice but even in the summer I'd prefer some sheer neon socks with ...Read More

Jennifer Behr Eris Headband

I love a headpiece! I'll adorn my head with beads, wraps, twisted or crafted metal... anything but the typical American girls-night-out birthday ...Read More

Have some fun with your lunch!

I am not the animated parent that circles my babies head with a spoon. But I am a mom that loves ...Read More

The Journey of the Wipe Dispensers

The journey to find the perfect wipe dispenser was rough. In the early days of motherhood, I learned quickly that diapering ...Read More

Baltimore’s Mouth Party Caramels

They say it best, "Addictive, mouth watering soft pillows of loveliness." If you are one to support local businesses, or appreciate the ...Read More

A little coverage, for skin imperfections.

  Do you have skin imperfections on your body? I do. I have some bad burn marks and a large ...Read More

I feel bad for spending money because I am a stay-at-home mom!

While out with a friend today, she asked for advice, in regards to her feelings of guilt when spending money ...Read More

Breastfeeding Selfie

It seems like all I am writing about these days is breastfeeding. Yet, I keep getting inquiries on the topic ...Read More

AHP Pumpkin Beef Lasagna or Veggie-style

I love a casserole of any kind. The best part, children love them! Dinner is always so much more enjoyable without any complaints. Whether ...Read More

AHP Homemade Butt Spray for You and Baby

Babies are the dirtiest beings on the planet. I know you probably disagree with me. I have a lot of ...Read More

AHP Easy Chipotle Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are loved by most everyone, young and old. They provide endless culinary opportunities. Hummus is amazing and plain chickpeas are ...Read More

AHP Pomegranate Margarita & Snow Cones

Pomegranates have been in season for a few months now. Yet, I only associate the flavor of the berry with the ...Read More


Yes, I know, I am writing this review over a week after the movie was released in theaters. As appropriate ...Read More

A day at the salon!

Yesterday, I took my daughter to get her hair dyed purple and my 18-month old got her first "REAL" haircut ...Read More

Healthy Halloween Party Food Alternatives

If you are one that favors healthy options for your family, even on Halloween, I have a couple fun festive ...Read More

How to increase your milk supply!

If you wish to increase your milk supply for storage, or you fear you don't have enough, here's the routine ...Read More

Homemade Make-up: Contour & Mattify

This morning I woke up to find I had run out of face powder! My face all covered in white ...Read More

The Best Stroller Ever!

On my quest to find the perfect stroller, I discovered that most did not perform well, deteriorated quickly, or had ...Read More

Use Bobby Pins the Right Way!

There are two common mistakes people make when buying and using bobby pins. You're probably buying the wrong bobby pins! Cheaply ...Read More

Two’s Company, Never Lose Your Bottles Up!

There are some things I own I can never find. A bottle opener is one of them. I went to ...Read More

Tank Phone Stand

Entertaining your child with electronics is sometimes necessary. An educational game can help provide a parent with a few extra minutes to ...Read More

Breastfeeding Shaming

There is a stigma surrounding breastfeeding. In a nation that supposedly advocates nursing, there have been many that have tried ...Read More

Preserve that Beautiful Jack O’ Lantern

Once you cut into a pumpkin they don't last long, about 5 to 10 days. To maximize the longevity of ...Read More

A Sophisticated Pumpkin

I love a classic jack-o-lantern or a standard orange pumpkin fancied up with some black paint. But if you are ...Read More

Justin’s Minis

I agree with Justin's slogan: "The best tasting nut butter & peanut butter cups on the planet." My favorite nut ...Read More

American Apparel Nursing Cover

The best nursing cover for any personality is actually not a "real" breastfeeding cover at all. It's the American Apparel ...Read More

AHP Hot Chocolate Russian

Through the fall and winter months, I will be enjoying many cups of hot chocolate. Sometimes homemade and sometimes with my favorite ...Read More

AHP Popcorn for Breakfast!

Eat a breakfast of popcorn and half-and-half, sprinkle with a bit of salt and sugar... so good! Prepackaged popcorn isn't ...Read More

Skintuition Irreplaceables

There are a couple beauty products I buy at Skintuition that I could never live without. I call them my Skintuition Irreplaceables. The ...Read More

Artful Masterpieces

I have a new love and it's Stray Dog Designs! Last week, while out shopping, I came across a papier mache plant ...Read More

AHP Pumpkin Bourbon Not-so-sweets Cupcakes

If you love pumpkin desserts, want a healthier option for the kids, or don't like too-sweet-sweets, you should try the ...Read More

AHP DIY Halloween Ceiling Grapevine Balls

I am one that loves festive decorations surrounding me from above. One year I filled my living room with hundreds of ...Read More

J.Crew Fall Favorites

CAPE JACKET IN WOOL MELTON A classic cape, a staple for any woman's wardrobe. Like the peacoat or a blazer, it's ...Read More

Baby must have, aden + anais sleep sack!

My babies loved to be swaddled. They were wrapped in muslin blankets until they couldn’t be swaddled any longer. We ...Read More

A Beautiful & Free Halloween!

I am not buying my eldest a Halloween costume this year and she is thrilled! We had a wonderful time today ...Read More


My reaction to Pan: Wonderful, it has the magic one longs for in a film. Pan and the like are the reason I go ...Read More

AHP Day of the Dead Halloween Stickers

Liven up you Halloween cupcakes with these Day of the Dead adornments. Print them out using sticker paper and attach ...Read More

Halloween Pillows I’d Use Year-round!

The holidays are fast approaching: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and Easter will domino one after the other, ...Read More

AHP Fight Box

Rules of Fight Box 1st rule: You do not talk about FIGHT BOX. 2nd rule: You DO NOT talk about ...Read More

AHP 2016 Greeting Card Collection

Get Well Soon Give those important to you a gift of thoughtfulness with The AHP 2016 Greeting Card Collection. We’ve got you covered ...Read More

AHP Chicken Stock Soup

I love eating soup year round. I don't think everyone else agrees with the idea of eating hot soup at ...Read More

Perfect Liner

The single most difficult make-up item to apply is liquid eyeliner. It's messy, wet, smears, transfers and the applicator is hard ...Read More

AHP Horseradish Mac & Cheese Food Hack

If I am going to eat prepackaged mac & cheese, it's going to be Kraft Velveeta Original Shells & Cheese. The ...Read More

AHP Peanut Butter Boos

Fall has arrived and the season of baking has returned. Every event or holiday needs its own dessert, and ours, ...Read More

Let’s Do Brunch!

In a 1895 article, "Brunch: A Plea", Guy Beringer coined the term... brunch. He Wrote: “Instead of England’s early Sunday ...Read More

Dark Side of the Full Moon

This morning, I woke conflicted. I wrestled with which article I should post. All the while feeling guilty because I ...Read More

Emergency Toys

No, I am not a miniature photographer... these are just tiny toys. They're only about the size of a penny, yet, they ...Read More

AHP Iced Coffee

Summer is over and soon your iced coffee will be traded in for something that will keep you warm. If you ...Read More

My Fav Fall Snack

Life is crazy after having kids. My husband and I need to squeeze every second of quality time we can ...Read More

Freeze Your Eyeliner Quick-tip

No matter who you are—a mommy on a budget, teenager, or a person that just can't fathom spending $20.00 plus on ...Read More

AHP Chocolate Chip Cherry Pie Ice Cream

Do you need a fun afternoon activity with the kids? This food hack will allow all the little ones to ...Read More


My favorite teething pain reliever is not what you may initially think of to aid your baby in his or ...Read More

AHP Cracked Pepper & Honey Fruit Salad

The AHP Cracked Pepper & Honey Fruit Salad is not the fruit salad of your childhood, it's a modern take ...Read More

Get the AHP Veggie Sandwich at Balducci’s

Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market is a local gourmet grocery store with a few other locations in Connecticut, New York and ...Read More

Get Beautiful Hair

As I have mentioned in the past, (it's probably only been a few days, LOL)... I love apple cider vinegar! ...Read More

Baby Powder You Should be Using

Wildwood SoapWorks has both natural and organic soaps, oils, lotions and potions for everyone in the family, including your baby ...Read More

AHP Easy Gourmet Chocolate French Toast

For a quick and easy gourmet breakfast (dessert) try making the AHP Easy Gourmet Chocolate French Toast. The meal is just ...Read More

Blended Brown Lips

I am not a fan of a variety pack of anything. Although, while browsing around Sephora the other day, I ...Read More

What to do with FUJIFILM INSTAX!

I think most of us love an instant-film camera. The prints are quirky, from another time, and beg for a ...Read More

‘The Pop Ups’

My head generally feels like it is going to explode when I listen to children’s music. My toddler has a ...Read More


I have a 4-year-old son and a 10-month-old daughter. I am having a hard time figuring out how to punish ...Read More

Rose Water Beauty Quick-tip

Rose water, the elixir I can’t live without, my favorite beauty secret. The natural potion can be used for many purposes, ...Read More

Pop! Gourmet Popcorn

A few days ago, I discovered Pop! Gourmet Popcorn at Starbucks. I always make my own coffee, but an event ...Read More

An Album of Lullabies

Sufjan Stevens, an amazing lyricist who draws emotions of both happiness and extreme sadness from my being while I receive ...Read More

Capital City Cheesecake

If you want a gourmet breakfast, Capital City Cheesecake is not the place to go. Yet, If you are in ...Read More

AHP Body Scrub & Pancake Topping

When I was little, I never poured maple syrup on my pancakes. I used a mixture of butter, sugar, and ...Read More

Who Will They Become?

Yesterday, I took the kids to a local park. They had an amazing time splashing in the fountain. Soaking wet, ...Read More

Pho 75

If “dive-y” and maybe a little dirty isn’t your style, don’t try Pho 75. But if you aren’t fancy and ...Read More

AHP Labor Day Cocktail

Today is Labor Day. So lets make a drink and toast to all those who helped make our country great! ...Read More

PBS Backpacks

PBS has been releasing some really cute clothing, accessories and toys lately. I have a handful of their onesies, some ...Read More

No More Stains

Apple cider vinegar is amazing. It can you be used for cooking, baking, cleaning, internal health, or as part of ...Read More

To all you “skinny” mamas and Christina Hendricks!

“Skinny” people have problems after pregnancy too. In many ways we live in a society where there are an appointed ...Read More

Beautiful Natural Lashes at Sephora

Are you using an eyelash comb? If you want beautiful, defined, natural lashes, the Sephora Collection, Long Lashing: Contoured Eyelash ...Read More

Because I said so!

My name is Amy. I am pregnant with my first baby. My parents always responded to my questions by saying, “Because I ...Read More

AHP Sweet & Spicy Chicken Salad

I love chicken salad. It can be made in advance; enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner; used as a topping ...Read More

AHP Tres Leches Food Hack

A butter cake covered in an abundance of sugar and milk... whats not to like?! This recipe is AHP's solution to ...Read More

Walk Like an Egyptian

Like most fashion trends, items sway in and out of current history in the pendulum of life. One item that ...Read More

Spicy Delight

Spicy Delight serves the best Jamaican cuisine around and is truly a local treasure. The family owned and operated business ...Read More

Play Candles

My kids are obsessed with imagination cooking/baking and helping me in the kitchen. One of my toddler's most frequent requests.. ...Read More

Help Cutting Baby Nails

Cutting your baby's nails can be hard. I have found that distraction is key. Here are three quick-tips for making ...Read More

Bread Please

I could stuff my face with bread all day long. So if someone bought me a couple loaves of bread ...Read More

The Inevitable Hair Chop

If you just had a baby, please.. think before you chop off your hair! After I had my first baby ...Read More

Brow Tint Problems

I’m into brows. Eyebrows on men or woman are the feature that I find most attractive. I don’t need a ...Read More

Coleslaw, kids & adults will love!

If your trying to persuade a baby, toddler or kid of any age to eat vegetables never give up, try ...Read More

There’s Always a Way

As a parent of young children, I'm always improvising. If I forget a bowl while I'm out, I make one ...Read More

You’ve got to try maple syrup coffee!

For all you D.C. area locals, I've got a delightful coffee for you. The Milkmaid's Brew made and served at Founding ...Read More

Get your toddler to eat!

Has feeding your toddler become a chore? Don't worry, even those with the best little eaters know the delicate dance ...Read More

Easy Snacks: Stuffed Sweet Peppers

I love goat cheese, it's my favorite. It can be stuffed, spread or placed on top of almost anything! I ...Read More

AHP Shredded Goat Cheese Chicken & Tomatoes Salad

As parents we always want to provide healthy foods for our families. But there are many times when the day ...Read More

Toddler Shopping

I know IKEA is not a playground. Yet, my children seem to look at the store as if it were ...Read More

‘Chef Shows’

This article is really not a TV review, but a general thought for some family TV entertainment. My kids always ...Read More

Returning Back to Work

If you're a mom going back to work after your maternity leave, it's hard… so hard. When I was faced ...Read More

Easy Ways to Eat Healthy

It’s a misnomer that eating healthy is inconvenient. Whether your eating at home or while out running around, there are ...Read More

Dry Your Hair in Half the Time

I am about to make your life a whole lot easier by speeding up your morning routine. The Goody QUICKSTYLE ...Read More

Catbird: My Perfect Stack!

I love a classic jewelry stack. Whether I get to pile on rings or bracelets, I am a fan of it all ...Read More

Simple Celebrations

I love entertaining. Especially for my children's birthdays. No matter what the party's theme or activities, their joy is my ...Read More

A Successful Hair Accessory for Babies and Toddlers

Clips, bows and headbands for babies are a lot of fun… especially a oversized statement piece! Yet, most babies reach ...Read More

Unisom may make your pregnancy a little easier!

Before taking Unisom or adopting a Unisom regiment or any other medications using it's ingredients, please consult your doctor or ...Read More

Going off to college!

Before your son or daughter goes off to college, they will probably receive a list of dorm room necessities from their school ...Read More

Dr. Pepper… Drink the real stuff!

If you have read some of my other articles, you may not be surprised, that I am a fan of ...Read More

Don’t be ashamed… Buy some Depends!

As an adult, I would have thought (pre-children) there would have been nothing worse than wearing an adult diaper in ...Read More

‘The Jim Gaffigan Show’

The Jim Gaffigan Show on TV Land is only one episode in, but the comedian was able to deliver another ...Read More


My reaction to Ant-Man: Loved it, although the baby sitting in my lap did not. The movie had a long back ...Read More

Don’t Forget About Your Spouse!

When you have a baby, it’s exhausting. Round-the-clock feedings and little sleep cause one to think little of the bigger ...Read More

AHP Powdered Donut Food Hack

Everyone likes donuts. My problem, I only like them when they are piping hot. That doesn’t happen very often when I ...Read More

Haptic Lab Sailing Ship Kite

These adorable handmade Haptic Lab Sailing Ship Kites are functional, but can also be used as a decoration for your home ...Read More

‘Odd Mom Out’

Odd Mom Out on Bravo is a must see. Seven episodes in, last night’s show was just as funny as ...Read More


  Minions is the prequel to Despicable Me. The movie follows the minions from single-celled organisms looking for a master ...Read More

AHP Devil’s Food Cake Food Hack

Want an indulgent, double chocolate cake with ganache? The AHP Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cake food hack will be one ...Read More

Skinny Girl Margarita

I’m not a pre-made type of person, or even a woman that watches my calorie intake, so maybe the Skinny ...Read More

The Perfect Lip Tint

Earlier this year, I was devastated when Bonnie Bell cosmetics company went public with the news that they were going ...Read More


If you don’t prefer straight, hard liquor or beer, and you appreciate a sweet floral quality, ST-GERMAIN might be the ...Read More

Get a Coupe!

I have decided that if I am drinking Champagne, or a cocktail served up, it should be presented in a coupe glass. The ...Read More

AHP Emergency Bowl

I often need a bowl for my children's snacks while I’m out. When I am in a pinch, I use grocery store ...Read More

My Favorite Summer Totes

IKEA, Frakta At $0.79, affordable would be an understatement. This indestructible Frakta tote from IKEA is perfect for the beach ...Read More

Have a little fun and get an AppeTeether by Little Toader

Last week, a friend asked me if I would post on the subject of teethers, and which teether I might ...Read More

Plugged Milk Duct

My good friend just had her first baby. She has a plugged milk duct and, in her words, a “low ...Read More

Everyone Has Fun With Play Dough

Finding activities for a baby and toddler to participate in together can sometimes be hard. The baby may be too ...Read More


Hi, my name is Mary. I am a 37-year-old woman with 3 small children. I often struggle with how many ...Read More


  My name is Leslie. I would like to know what your favorite babies and toddlers iPhone apps are? Response: ...Read More

The Intimina Lily Cup

I am about to say something I thought I would never say: The menstrual cup is one of the best ...Read More

Young Love

My eldest daughter, Hunter, is 3 years old. She is aware, cautious, and above all else, very girly. Boys flock ...Read More

A Diaper Bag for Dad

I have been noticing a trend... women not thinking about their other half when picking out a diaper bag. My ...Read More

Keep a Record of Your Child’s Growth

Babies grow into toddlers swiftly. Many parents, I know, think that the growth that occurs with their child is so ...Read More

Popsicles That Won’t Make a Mess

As all moms of babies and toddlers know, popsicles are messy! If my kids are handed a cup of Cheerios, ...Read More

My Little Mischief

At 15 months old, my daughter, who I affectionately refer to as “mischief," is inquisitive and adventurous. She is able ...Read More

The St.Regis Red Snapper Bloody Mary

My husband and I have been making Bloody Marys using the St. Regis Red Snapper Bloody Mary recipe for years ...Read More

The Real Thing: Make a set of keys for your kid.

I think nowadays people associate toys with the word plastic. Most toys I’ve seen, seem to be artless, thoughtless chunks ...Read More

Weaning, Sex & Working Out

Hi, my name is Taylor- I'm 29 years old and married. I have thought off and on about having children ...Read More

My Maternal Instinct

Hi, my name is Kathleen. I actually have two questions: 1. I think I want kids in the future. In ...Read More

‘Inside Out’

I am not a movie reviewer, a film buff, or well versed in cinema history. You do not want to ...Read More

Try a Different Color Mason Jar

Nowadays, mason jars are everywhere: weddings, restaurants, and probably your house. I love a classic preserving jar (admittedly Ball is ...Read More

The Perfect Playhouse

  Look no further, we found the perfect playhouse, the Kid Kraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse.   ...Read More

Deet-Free Insect Repellent

A few weeks ago, when at a friends neighborhood block party, the bugs were out in full force. The insects seemed ...Read More

Childhood Memories

In 1978, long before my birth, Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson sang a duet, "Mamma’s Don't Let Your Babies Grow ...Read More

My Favorite Pregnancy Shirt

There is a great diversity in how a pregnant woman feels about their “pregnancy body” and how one feels or fits ...Read More

Tremendous Happiness & A Toddler’s Card

My eldest daughter has no qualms about eating her meals. She is not even particular about the kinds of food ...Read More

Take the Time, Take Care of Yourself

Everyone deserves to have time to themselves, whether it be getting a haircut or reading a book. Unfortunately, all too ...Read More

Let Life Mess it Up!

Kids are messy! There are many different kinds of parents, regarding household tasks: The parent who tries to have everything ...Read More

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