A Diaper Bag for Dad


Defy Cargo Hold Tote M35 Military Tarp

Defy Cargo Hold Tote M35 Military Tarp

I have been noticing a trend… women not thinking about their other half when picking out a diaper bag. My friends’ husbands have mentioned many times that they hate carrying around the feminine bag their wife has purchased. I confess, I didn’t have a chance to not take my husband into consideration when picking out a bag… he purchased one before I did! The same week I found out I was pregnant with my first child he’d already purchased his own.

There is a good chance your husband does not want to carry around your bright pink bag, that reads “princess,” or your furry leopard-print bag. If he does, more power to him. But if your husband has a preference in the bag he carries when out with his child, you may want to think about having separate diaper bags. Having two bags has worked out great for us. My husband has the Defy Cargo Hold Tote M35 Military Tarp, he loves it. He prefers it to the feminine Mark Jacobs Tote I use.

Another reason to have a separate diaper bag: He won’t be calling you every 20 minutes asking where something is kept in the bag, or blaming you when it is not there!

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