A Letter of Gratitude to Sarah and Frederick, MD



I knew little of Frederick, Maryland before moving here just a short time ago. Its charm, beauty and inhabitant’s friendly nature were a welcomed surprise to me and my family upon our arrival. I am delighted to now live in such a community. The town just a short drive from Washington D.C. and/or Baltimore, but Frederick truly it is in a class of its own. It’s a place where people still open doors for mothers and babies, hellos and a wave are not a rarity and no one is going to kill you over a parking spot like in my old neighborhood (pre-Frederick). Residents are both trusting and kind. Boy… was I glad to live in Frederick today.

Everything that “could” have gone wrong did when I left my house this morning. The road I live off of was closed. I was forced to take a detour while my navigation system struggled to reroute itself. It did not recalculate in-time which lead me to take an exit that transported me 30 miles out of my way. I drove on the perpetual road with no exits for an hour and a half. My destination was only a mere 10 minutes away from my home before I took the unwanted byway.

Like I stated earlier, everything that could go wrong did. I won’t bore you with all the details, but the final piece of bad luck came to me when leaving a retailer. About to place my children in the car, my 3-year-old accidentally closed the door, locking my keys and phone in the vehicle. Fortunately, all three of my children were with me outside of the car, but without a phone and my keys, I was stranded.

A lady I only know as Sarah called out to the me asking if I needed any help. She let me use her phone to call my husband. With my luck, his phone went unanswered (turns out her was mowing our lawn.) She then offered to drive me and my three children home and stop to pick-up lunch! I feel terribly because all I gave her in return was a bit of food. I asked if I could do anything else for her but she wanted nothing. Her kindness is so appreciated. I am writing this letter to Sarah in case it someday finds her. I want to thank her again for taking a chance on a stranger. I feel blessed to live in such a city!

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