A Netflix Original Series: ‘Trollhunters’



My reaction to Trollhunters: Netflix, DreamWorks Animation and Guillermo del Toro were successful in creating a wonderful TV series for children in Trollhunters. The Netflix original series is an obvious DreamWorks Production. If you loved How to Train Your Dragon, you’ll love Trollhunters. Its smart dialogue, thoughtful storyline and high quality animation made it fun for my whole family to experience.

The premise: For the first time in history, a human, Jim (Anton Yelchin) was fated to protect both human and troll from monsters (evil trolls) and their associates (goblins, changelings, etc…) Jim a sweet, kind, loving boy turned Trollhunter at the mere age of 15. His life turned upside-down by the experience. His relationship with his mother goes downhill due to his new secretive life, yet, through the chaos he begins to come into his own.

From a child’s point of view: My daughter said, “It’s really cool. I love every part of the show.”

My final thoughts: It may be the only kids TV show I actually enjoy watching. It’s worth a peek!

Side note: For some reason, this show isn’t listed in the Kids section of Netflix, but you can find it in the Adult section. Not sure why.

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