A Retro Flashback to School Pictures


If your a homeschooler or anyone looking to get some amazing retro school pictures taken this year, the only place to go is JCPenney! They have all the old school backgrounds and the same image packages you’d get at any elementary school.

I didn’t edit a headshot for this article, instead I opted to let you see the images in all their glory.

How we decided to have our school pictures done this year.

  1. My daughter chose her own outfit and hairstyle, no editing allowed. I felt the images should reflect a true representation of who she was and is today.
  2. She also chose her own background.
  3. I didn’t interfere with the photographer. We followed every instruction, I even laid on my stomach.

I loved the experience so much that I decided to have all my children’s school pictures taken at JCPenney every year along with a family picture (unfortunately minus my husband… ahhhh, work). We’re going to create a retro image wall!

The photographer had a real knack for making the kids happy. They enjoyed the experience even more than I did.

I recommend that every homeschooler/person get their picture taken in this way. In a world of phone snap shots many parents forget to mark special occasions with a real photograph (however you decide to get them taken).

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our photoshoot!

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