A Successful Hair Accessory for Babies and Toddlers



Clips, bows and headbands for babies are a lot of fun… especially a oversized statement piece! Yet, most babies reach an age when their grabby, little, baby hands tend to migrate towards the top of their head and that beautiful bow ends up on the floor of the mall. If your child’s hair is only accessorized for fashions sake, then its not a big deal if their hair gets disheveled.

My baby has “long” hair. Her bangs cover her eyes and no amount of coaxing will prevent the inevitable curtain of hair in her face. If she has her hair down while eating, a good deal of her meal ends up in it as well. The mess is a consequence of pushing her hair out of her eyes. Some would say to cut her hair, that is what my mom did. I must of had a mullet until I was three years old.

A solution to this problem is the polyband. Typical polybands serve their purpose. They are small, perfect for thin baby hair, they’re discrete and difficult to pull out (especially for Dads! LOL). The downfall of polybands are that they are made of plastic that breaks easily and stretches out. Walgreens sells Studio 35 Beauty Silicone Rubberbands. They are amazing. The silicone rubberbands are soft, very elastics and never break. Everyone in my house uses this product. Whether for a my baby, toddler, for my braids or for a hair-do you simply don’t want to fall out, I highly recommend this product.


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