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A Hundred Pockets is a parenting/lifestyle website. Being a parent is magical, unsurpassed by any other joys. The emotions are poorly explained by all in this world (myself included). If the delight of having children were conveyed in their entirety, no person would have a doubt that they were going to have one, or more. Though there is no greater satisfaction on earth. Parenting can be daunting, frustrating, exhausting and disheartening. My goal is not to declare to you how to parent, but to share a little bit of my life and activities. For those of you who would like another perspective or a cheerful pick-me-up, feel free to have a laugh at my expense. I know what you all are going through… I’ve been there too.


No one talks about the real issues with pregnancy. People talk about weight gain and stretch marks. Ladies, lets be honest, if the worst thing that happened to me during pregnancy was some weight gain than my larger butt and I would be prancing around like Jessica Rabbit without one care of my body’s transformation. I had no clue, pre-baby, my post-pregnancy body-shift would include pigmentation on my face, ahhhhhh! If you have pigmentation on your face, I’ll tell you how to fix that. I am spilling all my tricks, all my finds and “lifesavers.” Lets make your pregnancy go a little smoother.

Parenting/ Lifestyle

A Hundred Pockets, not only will help you with your pregnancy, but we’ll also give you quick-tips for life and parenting, activities, design, cooking, all the things we love, entertainment and product reviews… from a mom’s perspective. You can also submit any questions you would like.

Who am I

My name is Ashley. I am a wife, mother and interior designer. I still work full-time after having children, but I also stay at home full-time with my baby and toddler. My children are my deepest passion, so, although I am a designer, I have decided to to embark on a new life’s journey with A Hundred Pockets.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I couldn’t find a one-stop source for all the answers I was looking for regarding pregnancy, parenting, and life. Now that you found us, A Hundred Pockets will be your go-to parenting/ lifestyle site. I have always been the girl that my friends approach with their questions… all questions. My friends come to me because: I am honest, I’ll talk about topics such as sex after pregnancy and issues with my body. I am also a researcher in all things, activities for my family, purchases, food, drinks, recipes etc. If you have a need, I’ve probably figured it out!

Life should be an adventure. I am going to help you on your expedition. The time you have with your children is brief and wondrous, make it count! Let’s share, eat, drink, decorate, make things, buy stuff and have fun together along the amazing but sometimes bumpy road of parenting!

Pregnancy Journals

If you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or just curious about pregnancy, follow my pregnancy journey by reading my Pregnancy Journals. This day-by-day diary expresses my pains, feelings and all the embarrassing moments I am going through as pregnant woman.

Yes, there are companies that also provide a day-by-day or week-by-week list of pregnancy info or scientific analysis, which is wonderful, but not sufficient for most. As women, we want to know we are not alone and my pregnancy journals will give you that and more. I am a person that is going through the same adventure you are and have before. The truth is, those other companies are providing you with the same information your doctor or midwife will convey to you during your appointments or calls. During my first pregnancy, my male doctor had no insight regarding real ways to handle certain issues.

Example of a topic: Lochia. Yes, your doctor or midwife can tell you technically what is happening, but they don’t give you the best/easiest way to deal with it. How long have women been giving birth and even hospitals haven’t been able to figure it out. I did, here is my article: Don’t be ashamed by some depends.

If you are in need of information from a Mom’s perspective, submit questions through my Ask section. I am excited to share my experiences with you!

Washington D.C.

I am a D.C. area local. I have added a local page under entertainment. I’m sharing all my favorite restaurants, and other regional gems.

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