AHP Appreciation Christmas Tree



In years past, my eldest child, a toddler, has understood our family holiday traditions. She knew that I was going to bake, that we would have guests, that I would try and convince her to sit on a mall Santa’s lap repeatedly. My toddler was defiantly thrilled that presents were inevitable. She loved the experiences, especially the food and gifts… not so much a picture with Santa. But it was still as if she was existing in our traditions. For the first time, she is owning the holidays. She’s all revved up, it’s all she can think or talk about! She has re-decorated everything I have set out so far… to help of course.

I love my children and feel so blessed and thankful to have them. Since my eldest is so elated for the holiday season, I thought I would incorporate her wish for decoration with a thoughtful gift of love to her. I made her an AHP Appreciation Christmas Tree. The tree is made of yarn twisted and woven on top of the wall with bulky Laine Épaisse Grueso yarn. I used nails but Command Strips would work just fine. The ornaments I made using clothespins, Aleene’s tacky glue, and pom-poms, embellishments and Martha Stewart stickers. The notes are simple but appropriate for her age.

This decoration takes up NO room and is perfect for those with little space or for a family who would like a little more meaning for the little Christmas tree that every little kid must have in their room.




AHP Appreciation Christmas Tree


  • Aleene’s tacky glue
  • clothespins
  • embellishments
  • Laine Épaisse Grueso yarn: I used 2 spools


  1. Insert yarn about an inch from one end on nail or Command Strip.
  2. Circle around the perimeter of the nails. 
  3. Then continue vertically looping yarn around top and bottom nails.
  4. Weave in and out of vertical yarn until tree is filled in.
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