AHP Body Scrub & Pancake Topping



When I was little, I never poured maple syrup on my pancakes. I used a mixture of butter, sugar, and a squeeze of fresh lemon. As an adult, I don’t eat pancakes often. When I do, I sometimes have a few with syrup and then a few more with my special recipe.

The AHP Body Scrub & Pancake Topping recipe is not only good to use to mix up the monotony of pancakes but is also be used as great body scrub.

body scrub

This product will rejuvenate your skin with its smoothing and moisturizing properties, as well as sluff off all that dull, dead skin.

pancake topping

As a pancake topping its divine. I have yet to see its equivalent on any menu… maybe it’s of my own invention, lol. On hot pancakes spread some softened butter, then lightly coat with the sugar mixture. A squeeze of lemon is also a nice addition but not required!


  • cane sugar: 2 c
  • sunflower oil: 1c
  • vanilla extract: 1T


  1. Mix all the ingredients together until well combined.
  2. Use an air tight container to store.
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