AHP DIY Halloween Ceiling Grapevine Balls



I am one that loves festive decorations surrounding me from above. One year I filled my living room with hundreds of balloons for my daughter’s birthday. They were everywhere! There is almost something “Alice and Wonderland” about it. Makes a person feel a part of the celebration instead of merely overseeing it. Themes are fun, but with my extravaganzas I normally like to capture an emotion rather than a narrow theme. Example, “Hello Kitty.” Sometimes I do the like for my children, but most of the time character parties tend to look boring, dull and empty.

The ceiling is often a place people forget about when decorating, but I would argue that it may be one of the most important. If you’re a DIY-er and like simple, here’s an idea for you. The DIY Halloween Ceiling Grapevine Balls. They’re fun, easy and a beautiful twist on a Halloween wreath. They do not deflate and will last forever. As far as I know, the wreaths don’t come in black but just spraypaint yours. I purchased the grapevine balls (ball wreaths) from Michael’s, but they sell them at any craft store.


  • black spray-paint (orange is also fun)
  • ceiling hooks
  • fishing-line
  • grapevine balls


  1. Spraypaint grapevine balls outside.
  2. While wreaths are drying, cut fishing-line to desired lengths.
  3. Once wreaths are dry, tie or clamp fishing-line to the grapevine ball.
  4. Manually screw-in ceiling hooks at all locations desired.
  5. Tie other end of fishing line to ceiling hook.
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