AHP Fight Box


Rules of Fight Box

1st rule: You do not talk about FIGHT BOX.
2nd rule: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT BOX.
3rd rule: If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.
4th rule: Only two people to a fight, no friends.
5th rule: One fight at a time.
6th rule: No shirts, no shoes.
7th rule: Fights will go on as long as they have to.
8th rule: If this is your first time using FIGHT BOX, your going to be amazed.


If you are married or in a long term relationship, a Fight Box is a wonderful tool that enables a couple to get out of their own heads and move-on from an argument. A Fight Box also helps couples to remember why they love each other and move past the point of anger.


There are two ways to create a Fight Box.

Classic Fight Box

Pre-wedding: Before you and your partner meet at the alter, get a beautiful box and fill with at least two items: A bottle of Champagne and letters from each of you.

Think about the bottle of Champagne you purchase, both of you will be sharing the drink together. The letters should be written in a time of happiness, explain how much you love, respect and value one another, etc. You can write about a wonderful memory or your life together, but be sure to include qualities that you appreciate and admire pertaining to your partner.

Place both items in the box and stash away. In the midst of your first “real” fight, grab the box and read your spouses letter. If possible, sit together and read your beautiful notes at the same time. Your anger will melt away. If whatever you’re fighting about is repairable, you probably won’t want to continue arguing. For those who are communicators and need to resolve all issues, you and your partner can more calmly express one’s emotions over a glass of Champagne!

AHP Fight Box

Continuous: I can enjoy a glass of Champagne especially in celebration, but I am more of a tequila or whiskey gal. My husband and I are also not newly married. We have been married 7 years. Throughout our journey together, I have made several fight boxes. In my AHP Fight Box, I like to choose a liquor, sometimes one of my favorites, but usually Scotch for my husband and fresh sealed letters (my husbands a peeker). We usually design our cards nicely, so they can be cherished forever. A gift is also a nice addition… this should be placed in the box secretly. You can replace a Fight Box soon after the previous box was used to make them sporadically.

Men and women will enjoy this relationship tool together. The Fight Box will be the best addition you’ve ever had to an argument.

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