AHP Hot Chocolate Russian



Through the fall and winter months, I will be enjoying many cups of hot chocolate. Sometimes homemade and sometimes with my favorite mix from Silly Cow Farms (their best, Marshmallow Swirl)! I’ve always loved hot chocolate. When I lived in Oregon, in my youth, I would often make it before going out to clean my miniature horse’s paddock. Waking up before the sun I would bundle up, then burn the milk to the pan. I always kept the pan too hot as a child. After cleaning up the paddock, I frequently backed-up my Mom’s truck near the fence to sit in the bed and watch the stud and mare eat and play. I always received so much joy from the blessing of those little horses. A blessing that usually came in tandem with hot chocolate!

Now, I can make hot chocolate perfectly every time, but I also know how to make it better. Gotta love some adult hot chocolate!

AHP Hot Chocolate Russian


1 serving


  • Kahlúa: 1 c
  • Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl Mix: to your liking
  • whole milk: 2 cups
  • vodka: 1 c


  • milk frother or sauce pan


  1. Heat whole milk to desired temperature. I use a milk frother depending on the amount of servings I am making, but you can warm up milk anyway you like.
  2. Add Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl Mix to your liking. I believe the amount of chocolate one likes is very personal.
  3. Add alcohol.
  4. Top with marshmallows or not!
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