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December has arrived and the Christmas countdown has begun. Maybe I am turning into my Grandmother, or another bedazzled individual full of holiday spirit, and the accessories to match, but I just got some crazy Christmas nails!

There are a lot of ways to achieve a nail polish fade, but most require extensive time under the dryer, and thick polish. If you want to achieve the look without all the time and effort, here are the best ways to do it!

Whether you want to achieve your look with acrylic or gel polish it only takes a few steps.

Acrylic Nails

  1. Get some Martha Stewart Glitter. Yes, regular glitter. Martha Stewart has a wide variety of colors!
  2. Mix glitter and acrylic powder 50/50.
  3. Apply tip glitter acrylic first, a third to halfway down the nail.
  4. Select fade glitter and mix glitter and acrylic powder 50/50.
  5. Build base acrylic, then slightly brush base color forward to tip.
  6. Shape and buff out nails. Don’t worry it won’t damage the glitter. They glitter will look dull until you apply the gel topcoat.
  7. Apply gel topcoat.
  8. Dry, under UV dryer.

Gel Polish

If applying acrylic is not your speed, and you don’t want to get your nails professionally done, apply your fade with gel polish. It’s a much simpler process than trying a technique using traditional nail polish.

  1. Pick out two heavily glittered polishes.
  2. Apply tip glitter first, a third to halfway down the nail.
  3. Place under UV dryer.
  4. If desired add another coat, then dry.
  5. Select fade glitter polish.
  6. Start at the base of nail. Filling in unpolished areas, not the tip.
  7. Place under UV dryer.
  8. Once dry apply another coat of the base/fade polish, starting at the base then lightly brush sparkles up and over the tip with less pressure.
  9. Apply top coat.
  10. Place under UV dryer.
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