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I am a horse trainer’s daughter. I’ll get down and dirty for real. All you southern ladies know we’ll shovel manure, sweat all day, be covered with mud, and joyfully put in a 20-hour-work day digging holes and putting up fences in the rain, and we will look good doing it! Then, when we’re done, we’ll shower and change into a ball gown, with our high hair and perfectly applied make-up for a night of fun or charity.

When working in a barn daily was my life, I’d regularly see my friends jump out of their trucks, still in their elegant attire from the “night before.” They’d throw on some riding pants and run into the bathroom to apply a fresh face of make-up, before they began work. I’m not hating, that’s me through and through. A lot of these beautiful ladies would apply very thick black liner. I often was asked, “How does your liner look so natural?” I’d respond by saying, “You know your liner doesn’t have to be a 1/2 inch thick and span your whole eye.” I may show up to the barn with a full face of make-up but it will never look like I am going out… well maybe sometimes. 😉

If you want a liner look but don’t want your make-up to appear as if your up for a role in Some Like it Hot, then the AHP Natural Baby Liner Application is the technique for you.

AHP Natural Baby Liner Application Technique

  1. Prep your eyelids.
  2. Starting at your pupil draw-on liner.
  3. Finishing liner out to form a baby cat-eye, or not.
  4. Above your lower lash line apply white liner. White eyeliner will may your eyes appear larger.

be careful…

  1. Black upper liner should be thin. You don’t want a thick chuck of black to just appear at your pupal and travel outward.
  2. You should be very conservative with the white liner. If you are not careful you’ll end up looking like the walking dead.

If you need the perfect mascara to go along with your natural eyeliner try Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara!

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