AHP Recycled Jewelry

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If you’re a parent or school teacher that is interested in teaching your children to repurpose, reuse and recycle, or maybe you just need some craft ideas, AHP Recycled Jewelry is a fun activity for toddlers and kindergarteners alike. Although I am not a huge fan of pre-made processed food, I do purchase fruit pouches sometimes for on-the-go or during busy times in my life like having a new baby! Thinking I could probably figure out a cute craft idea to use all the disposable fruit pouch tops, I stopped discarding them a while back… and I am glad I did. My girls had a great time making jewelry with pasta and the giant plastic tops!

AHP Recycled Jewelry


  • markers
  • plastic fruit pouch tops
  • string or craft necklaces
  • string-able pasta


  1. Gather items for craft.
  2. Color pasta pieces with washable markers or keep them plain if you like.
  3. String craft necklaces with pasta and fruit pouch tops.

necklace examples

  1. ahp-image-make-crafts-ahp_recycled_jewelry-nacklace_2
  2. ahp-image-make-crafts-ahp_recycled_jewelry-nacklace_1
  3. ahp-image-make-crafts-ahp_recycled_jewelry-nacklace_3


  1. If you choose to use a thicker string, for example a nylon paracord, you can tie knots on either side of each “bead” and create interesting spaced designs.

Educational side-note

  1. This activity was prompted by a talk I had with my 5-year-old regarding food waste. Although saving fruit pouch tops is not an exact parallel, the fun necklaces has started a dialogue about waste, repurposing and recycling.
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