AHP Surf Salt Spray & Scalp Stimulator



A couple weeks ago, I discovered I have curly hair. Immediately, I began researching organic salt sprays… sprays to buy, or to make. I have fine oily hair and realized that salt spray recipes and many commercial products seem to be geared toward dry, course hair. There are a variety of oils used in salt spray products, and many homemade recipes contain coconut oil, which my hair cannot handle. Through much experimentation I have developed a salt spray for all hair types. One that is sufficient for course, dry, thick unruly hair like my husbands and perfect for fine/oily hair my own.

AHP Surf Salt Spray & Scalp Stimulator


  • medium sauce pan or electric kettle
  • spray bottle
  • funnel


  • distilled water: 2 c
  • sea salt: 1/3 c
  • sugar 2 T
  • rosewater: 4 t


  1. In a medium saucepan or electric kettle bring distilled water to a boil.
  2. Once the water has cooled to the touch, add the sea salt and sugar to distilled water.
  3. The sea salt and sugar should dissolve but still remain gritty if the distilled water wasn’t too hot when it was added to the water.
  4. Once mix has cooled add rosewater.
  5. Use funnel to pour liquid into spray bottle.


  • The salt and sugar will dissolve in the hot water, but if you want to add some grit and strength to AHP Surf Salt Spray & Scalp Stimulator add an extra tablespoon of sea salt to recipe once the mix has returned to room temperature.
  • Just like earth, the mineral content in salt varies depending on collection location. Before giving up on salt spray if your hair doesn’t thrive with one type of sea salt, try another.
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