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There are many ways to stuff Christmas stockings: theme, junk, toiletries, candy, and anything small. I love stockings, so I usually arrange a couple per person. When creating a stocking, it’s important to remember that a stocking is a gift and thought should go into every present placed inside. Don’t forget about dads too. Everyone in the household should get a wonderful assortments of tiny gifts on Christmas morning!

theme stockings/toddlers 80’s stocking

My eldest daughter has been traveling “through the decades” with her clothing lately. In the past few months she has been having a great deal of 80’s moments, in particular. Oversized shirts, tulle, leg-warmers, scrunchies, and outrageous headbands make an appearance daily attire. Since she has been thrilled with the decade, I thought she might enjoy an 80’s themed stocking. Other decades that are a ton of fun are the roaring 20s, 90s grunge, or 70s disco!

theme stockings/babies Mickey Mouse & Frozen stocking

My baby loves everything Mickey Mouse and Frozen. I bought her an assortment of everything from logo t-shirts, princess gloves, rings, crowns, etc. Basically anything I could find that had the theme and would fit in a stocking. If you place all the silly themed stuff in the stockings you can save your wrapping skills for the not-so-branded toys you bought!

junk stockings

Junk stocking are always a hit with young children. In my house, pieces of ribbon, and buttons are all little treasures stored away in their favorite backpack or secret chest. So if you are on a budget or just want to make your kids really happy get a bunch of little trinkets from the Dollar Store, or random doo-dads from Target’s dollar bins your little ones will most likely get more enjoyment out of the junk stockings than anything else. What did I do? I just grabbed everything I knew my kids would like, little random stuff!


Toiletries were another big stocking tradition in my family. Probably because my mother’s idea of her children learning responsibility was to have all us girls buy our own toiletries year-round, using allowance money. The night before Christmas, my Dad would run to CVS (they never remembered to get out stocking stuffers before then). He would buy us a month supply of toiletries, that way we only had to buy our own toothpaste and deodorant, 11 out of 12 months of the year.

Now, I am not in anyway saying anyone should adopt the above tradition, I wouldn’t. But if you going to buy toiletries for your stockings this year, this is how I would do it. Aim to please when buying any gift including a stocking. What is his/her favorite hair care or beauty line? Has Dad ever wanted to use a straight razor? Does Mom like an expensive perfume she wants but never buys? Does you daughter want a straightener? Is you tween boy growing up, does he want to use cologne or a bit of aftershave?

toiletry stockings for fathers or sons

toiletry stocking for moms or teens

candy stockings

My parents always bought me and my sisters candy. I guess because we weren’t allowed to eat confections the rest of the year. If you are interested in going the candy route, have a little fun. I bought giant Santa’s beard lollipops the size of their little heads. Any candy I could find on a stick and a plethora of other ridiculous irregularities.

anything small

It is always fun to put expensive or thoughtful items in a stocking. It’s always unexpected. If you bought your partner an engagement ring or a fancy piece of jewelry, they’ll think they are about to open gifts of chocolate and scrunchies, and they’ll be pleasantly surprised with the best gift of all besides your love!

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