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Sufjan Stevens, an amazing lyricist who draws emotions of both happiness and extreme sadness from my being while I receive his lyrics. The record titled Carrie & Lowell, after his Mother and Stepfather, reflects their life long journey together. The tone as a whole is one of grief and sorrow, but its sweetly sung lullabies will fill an adult with wrenching emotion and sooth a baby to sleep. Though  Sufjan’s newest album it is not appropriate for all ages: babies, teens and adults could all benefit for his magic flowing through their speakers. Friends of mine often use this album as part of their bedtime routine and when I play it in my home it tends to breed a calm atmosphere and evaporate the chaos that sometimes ensues with two small children.

Carrie & Lowell

‘Should Have Known Better’

I should have known better
To see what I could see
My black shroud
Holding down my feelings
A pillar for my enemies

I should have wrote a letter
And grieve what I happen to grieve
My black shroud
I never trust my feelings
I waited for the remedy

When I was three, three maybe four
She left us at that video store
Be my rest, be my fantasy

I’m light as a feather
I’m bright as the Oregon breeze
My black shroud
Frightened by my feelings
I only wanna be a relief

No, I’m not a go-getter
The demon had a spell on me
My black shroud
Captain of my feelings
The only thing I wanna believe

When I was three, and free to explore
I saw her face on the back of the door
Be my rest, be my fantasy

I should have known better
Nothing can be changed
The past is still the past
The bridge to nowhere
I should have wrote a letter
Explaining what I feel, that empty feeling

Don’t back down, concentrate on seeing
The breakers in the bar, the neighbor’s greeting
My brother had a daughter
The beauty that she brings, illumination

Don’t back down, there is nothing left
The breakers in the bar, no reason to live
I’m a fool in the fetter
Rose of Aaron’s beard, where you can reach me

Don’t back down: nothing can be changed
Cantilever bridge, the drunken sailor
My brother had a daughter
The beauty that she brings, illumination

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