Angry Birds Toons



Two nights ago, while snuggling with my girls in the living room “camping on a blow-up mattress,” we perused on-demand. My children were delighted to see the large image of an “Angry Bird” on the screen. I obliged their wishes and we watched almost every episode available. The shorts only last a few minutes, and there are no words, yet, they’re obsessed. The birds and pigs merely grunt through their rivalries with each other. My eldest laughs hysterically every time she watches, as if she was observing a comedy show. After a nonsensical scene with a chuckle she’d say, “That’s ridiculous, that doesn’t make any sense. Oh, those angry birds!” My little one has announced, “Watch Angry Birds,” or “Wanna watch naughty birds,” after waking every morning since her first viewing. Although, my baby is being a bit adamant about her wishes their enjoying every moment of the series. Last night my eldest asked me “Why haven’t you ever showed me the Angry Birds iPhone game before, that would be so great to play that game?” If you let your children watch TV you should let them see the Angry Birds Toons. It’s pure entertainment for all involved.

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