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If you live far from family and friends, you may find it difficult to watch your child grow up without the constant presence of certain loved ones. My solution to this problem was to create a photo album of those I hold dear… my sister, aunts, uncles, and close friends. The original baby photo album was plastic coated, cheap and durable. Every night for months I laid down with my baby all snuggled up, and we flipped through the pictures. I would tell her the names of the relatives or friends pictured in the album and share life stories.

Newborns love looking at faces. Not only was it important of me to have my baby recognize these individuals, but the activity also provides great stimulation. It’s often asked of me, “How do I entertain a newborn? They can’t do anything really.” Well even very young babies need stimulation and the Baby Family Album is my number one recommendation.

As my daughter grew, the album was often her favorite toy. Kept with her things she would flip through the images on her own. Then when she got even older she would tuck herself in bed and “read” the album to herself. Now my toddler has a new album… it’s no longer puke proof. Now she has a spiral bound album and every so often she asks me to change the images. From newborn to toddler, this activity will provide your child with entertainment, love and appreciation for those who love her.

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