Baby must have, aden + anais sleep sack!


My babies loved to be swaddled. They were wrapped in muslin blankets until they couldn’t be swaddled any longer. We were all sad to see the swaddle go, but at some point, it just wasn’t working out. “Cozy” is a word that is woven into my being and inherent in my children. Blankets are a must in every room in my house. One of us may get a chill or need an impromptu wrap in fur or cotton. I wear sleeping-bag outfits, and if I would allow it, my children would tuck themselves under the covers of my bed, forcibly, squeeze-hugging me, with all their strength until the day had passed.

With my eldest, we tried many brands of sleeping bags but none were as comfy or long lasting as aden + anais. The wool brands were itchy and stiff. Many sacks made of cotton were made poorly with zippers that often broke, seams that split and the fabric would wear-out far too soon. Then, we bought a thin and a thick aden + anais sleep sack, and for 3 years now, someone in our home has been wearing the Cozy Sleeping Bag every night. The product is well made. With constant washing and use it took years for the sack to wear out. Until last week we haven’t had the need to buy another, but alas, the wonderfully dingy and well-used sack was replaced.

I encourage you not to try any other brand. Just go straight for the good stuff and buy an aden + anais sleep sack, and the thick one too. Even in summer it’s breathable and light. I wouldn’t want to sleep with a sheet when I could have a cozy blanket of some sort, so why would my baby? There are some things that really earn the cost of purchase. This is one of them. I have had few possessions in life that have been so wonderful, and used so much that they needed to be replaced. I highly recommend this simple sack. It has brought so much happiness to my little ones. For a family where coziness is valued so highly that one of both my children’s first words were “cozy,” it’s a recommendation that is worth trying.

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