Baby Powder You Should be Using


Wildwood SoapWorks has both natural and organic soaps, oils, lotions and potions for everyone in the family, including your baby. ALL of their products, not just their line for babies, are made from food-grade ingredients. So babies, eat up, (joking) but you don’t have to be alarmed if they consume some of your shampoo. Although, I like all of their products, my two favorites are Baby Kjell’s Baby Powder and Baby Kjell’s Baby Oil.

Every member of my family uses these products. My husband needs the baby powder more than all of us! I am sure all men know what for. I use it as dry shampoo and, of course, on my babies as needed. The baby oil provides relief to severely dried skin in winter and has a wonderful aroma. When I need lighter moisture, I mix the product with lotion. It’s also great for soothing sunburned skin and curing cracked and dry feet.

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