Baby’s second week of life.

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Baby’s second week of life.

I call Week 2 of a newborn baby’s life “the sweet spot.” Whether this is your first baby or third, it takes time to adjust to the “new normal.” I am not suggesting that by the second week of your baby’s existence outside the womb, your life should be regulated, but the first week is hard. It requires healing for mama, and if you are breastfeeding, you may have been nursing hourly during certain periods of the day or night until your milk came in. Your life may have seemed out of control! It will get easier and harder, lol.

During Week 2, you’ll probably be in less pain, have had a shower and be snuggling with your baby in bed. Baby will sleep often, even under the light of day or if you decide to take them to a concert (don’t do that, stay in bed), but at this point, nap time will not be a worry for most!

Your baby is also adjusting to his/her new home on the outside. Her new world is not as cozy as the last (ie. your womb). With my babies, I like to keep the first few weeks very calm and provide them with comfort in the form of hugs, kisses, and closeness. Some babies are sleepier than others, but at the start of Week 2, you’ll probably see your baby staying up for slightly longer stretches and be more alert during times of wake than the week before.


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