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If flawless make-up application is your goal, a wonderful tool recommendation would be the Beauty Blender. The product will provide a line/crease free application, unrivaled by the make-up sponges of the past. Although I love, love, love, the product… it has some drawbacks. It’s inconvenient and messy. The Beauty Blender may have achieved celebrity status in the make-up world, but you don’t have to use a sponge to apply perfectly blended make-up. I do believe the Beauty Blender is the best beauty sponge on the market, but Sephora has a superior product that has no inconveniences… the Sephora Colletion Pro Visionary Modeling Foundation Brush #111.

Some problems with the Beauty Blender.


If you’re a woman like most I know, your make-up accompanies you in your purse wherever you go. A Beauty Blender is a hastle to cart around. The sponge stored in its little carton takes up a lot of space and is awkward. This may not seem like a big deal to those who don’t keep their make-up on hand, but once you have a few of these awkward products to carry around, you’ll have to switch your make-up bag to a large Zip-Lock and carry around a duffle bag instead of a purse.


An option for some may be to store their Beauty Blender out of its packaging and squish the sponge covered in foundation in their bag. Well, that’s gross, for many reasons. If your sponge is left jammed into your bag, the make-up will transfer onto it, and it’s contents. Your bag will end up stained and in disarray. I also am not really into putting a sponge used on my face, in a vessel I’m sure is riddled with bacteria (even though I clean regularly). Another thought is to store your make-up sponge in a small zip-top bag, but that is messy too, for the bag and your hands.

the solution

The call to make-up perfection was answered by the Sephora Collection Pro Visionary Modeling Foundation Brush #111. I would recommend the product above all others. In a “make-up survival scenario,” this make-up brush would be one of five products I would need. You may be thinking, I’ve never heard of the product, how can the brush be so wonderful? The product may not have received the recognition that the Beauty Blender has, but it just hasn’t received its big break yet.

Why the product is superior.

it’s perfection

It has no problems. The above mentioned issues do not apply to this fantastic make-up brush. It’s slender, fits into any make-up bag, and has a little top to cover the bristles.

coverage & blending

The coverage is superior to that of the Beauty Blender. The Beauty Blender may not absorb make-up in the same manor as a typical sponge, but the coverage I can achieve with the Pro Visionary Modeling Foundation Brush is miraculous, unrivaled by the Beauty Blender. With the brush, you will achieve extreme coverage, simultaneously achieving a natural/dewy look, not heavy or cake-y.

how to use

Not only can you apply primers, foundations or concealers with the brush, but you can also use any powder you wish. Buff on wet or dry products in a circular motion to achieve a full coverage radiant look!

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