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giant dolls

Blabla are the true masters of creating little gems full of splendor and magic. Their handmade giant dolls tower over little ones, standing at about 3-feet tall, lending themselves to hugs and adventure. Blabla dolls of any size are not only adorable companions for your child/children, they’re a beautiful addition to your home. Long gone are the days of picking up dreadfully ugly plastic toys, if your house is full of Blabla. The charming creations sit marvelously on your sofa, floor or shelves… or tossed lovingly across your house… it’s beautiful, it’s Blabla!



The Blabla Pom Pom Mobile in pink and grey is my favorite. It’s frame covered in knit stripes of black and white. The pom pom’s reminiscent of Peruvian t’iras on a chullos hat. The adorable mobile can hang in the center of a room, over a crib, or can be hung at the highest peek of your next homemade fort. This attraction/decoration is not merely for infants, but can grow with your child for years to come.

sheets, coverlets, pillows and play mats

The playful designs are wonderfully quirky. Darling flowers, bunnies and eyelashes repeat over high quality cotton. Other prints such as Swan Dream and Galaxy are delightfully amusing.


blankets and decorative pillows

The blankets and decorative pillows lack no attention to detail. Tassels often frame the corners of their textured knit blankets. The decorative pillows are fun and a surprise to gander at every season. They are amongst some of my favorite purchases.



Their rattles are some of the most charming I’ve ever seen, all knit and well made. They have a family of four: mom, dad, daughter and son in their Roly Poly collection, a plethora of different dogs, cats, bunnies and other animals, bright flowers, pretzel shapes and their new geo print collection.

Images courtesy of Blabla.

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