Blended Brown Lips


I am not a fan of a variety pack of anything. Although, while browsing around Sephora the other day, I picked the Give Me Some Lip, Sephora Favorites box. I was in the mood to try something new. The assortment of the company’s lip favorites included a six-piece selection of lipsticks in miniature form. A couple items in the box I already use regularly, but I got the set anyway. It’s always nice to have a mini!

There was one lip stain… I just knew I didn’t want but thought my BFF was going to love. She’s all about the 90’s and a nude or straight-up brown lip. Her perfect nude lip must be applied, in order for her to “love.” Whether flesh tone or brown, she is on that team along with her doc martins that she wants but never buys. As for myself, give me a rose stain or some Dr. Pepper chapstick. I’ll fall in love with the look daily.

Yet, upon the purchase of my heart-shaped box from Sephora, I think I may have finally found a brown lipstick that I love. I have worn it three days in a row! Laying side by side in the box, the Kat Von D Lolita Lipstick and and Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain #19. I almost tossed the Kat Von D stain in my tub of rejects, to dole out to my friends, but I thought, “Why not just try.” Well I did, along with a coat of  Sephora Rouge Infusion gloss applied over the top, and it’s pure perfection. If you love a look with some brown undertones but you prefer a blended, more natural application, here is how I achieved that!

For the perfect BROWN lip!

step 1: Apply concealer on and around the lip. I use Chanel’s Correcteur Perfection Concealer.

step 2: Blend, you can use any concealer brush but I use the Jane Iredale Camouflage 10 brush.

step 3: Apply Kate Von D’s Lolita Lipstick. They use the term lipstick, but it is closer to a stain. Before you do anything else, stop… keep reading…!

step 4: Using your Jane Iredale Camouflage brush, blend concealer around the frame of the lips. Brush product into the center of the lips, not out of your natural lip line. Once the color seems to fade naturally into your face, move on to next step.

step 5: Wick away some of the product before the final application of  Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain #19.

This lip work great for day and night!

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