Books You Must Read Your Kids: Volume 1

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Books can have a transformative effect on all that read or listen. They educate, inspire, transport us to every corner of the world, and bond us together as we spend time enveloped in storytelling. There are many marvelous children’s books out there, but here are a few I am loving right now. These are MUST READS for you and your children.

The Night Gardener

by Terry and Eric Fan

“Whimsical” is the best possible word to describe The Night Gardener. It’s a beautifully illustrated, sweet book. The premise… a gardener sculpts large topiaries using the cover of night to the pleasure of a boy named William (I believe he was the first to spot the gardener’s work) and the residents of his dreary town. The townspeople gathered each morning to lay eyes on the gardener’s art made up of leaves and branches. The changing seasons inevitably turned the artist’s work to dust, but left the townspeople and little boy forever changed.


What Do You Do With An Idea?

Author Kobi Yamada & Illustrator Mae Besom

Do you have a crazy, weird or outrageous idea? Could your thoughts change the world? The little boy in the book What Do You Do With An Idea? had a “brilliant idea” he is scared to reveal to the world for fear of what others might think. The book is darling and may open up an interesting conversation with you and your little ones. It speaks to all our insecurities of sharing our ideas and dreams and realizing them.


The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

by Dan Santat

Have you had an imaginary friend? If so, I bet you didn’t know that they were born on a magical island waiting to be thought up by children. Beekle wasn’t the luckiest imaginary friend, he lingered around on the island for quite some time until he decided to change his destiny and find his friend on his own.



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