Breastfeeding Shaming



There is a stigma surrounding breastfeeding. In a nation that supposedly advocates nursing, there have been many that have tried to shame me to stop… even family. I have breastfed both my babies and am proud of it. I can’t comprehend the mindset that fuels society’s issues with nursing. In a nation congested with porn and over-sexualization of everything, I am supposed to be ashamed of breastfeeding because it involves my breasts. Really? Honestly, what should be considered gross is those who are so sexually charged that they can’t imagine a breast under a nursing cover, having milk expressed from it without feeling uncomfortable. Women like Allyssa Milano can’t even post a picture of a baby on her breast without getting backlash. It saddens me that on a daily basis I see a story about the “breastfeeding shaming” that is occurring in this nation.

I watched a show last week. A man on the program was consumed with discomfort over his girlfriend needing a tampon. Is this really where we are as a country? Yes, I am a woman. I breastfeed. I have a period. I provide milk for my baby and endure a period that allows me to have children and contribute to the continuation of life on earth. Oh, FYI, I didn’t choose this. I didn’t call-up to God and say, can I be a woman? I really want to have a period for 40-years and be in pain every month. Oh please, let a baby bisect and stretch-out my body, then have them tear through my vagina. Please, that sounds like fun!

It’s sad that there has to be nurse-ins in Target and women pumping for fear of being ridiculed or made to feel uncomfortable when out. For anyone out there that has ever scoffed at a woman, have you ever breastfed? Do you know what it’s like? Are you aware of all the challenges that can occur? Have you ever nursed or pumped and had thrush or mastitis and felt the excruciating pain that one has to fight through continue to provide milk for one’s baby? Have you ever been strapped to a machine that pulls on a very sensitive part of your body 5, 6 or 7 times a day? In a world that is supposed to be so open-minded, I don’t think the world is open to embrace much at all. Or maybe, I am supposed to just be ashamed of being a woman.

This article was supposed to be about a nursing cover, but somehow couldn’t get around to it.


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