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AHP Egg in the Hole


When preparing for a trip to the woods with my family, I planned to make a handful of quick and yummy meals for us to enjoy. I wanted to eat well without dedicating my days to the kitchen (or campfire). AHP Egg in the Hole is a wonderfully easy recipe that could not be more appropriate for a cabin dwelling.… Read more

AHP Baked Eggs & Peppers


Eggs are my favorite food. I put them on most entrees and side dishes, pasta, pizza, burgers, or plain asparagus. Bottom-line… I put them on everything… everything. Fried or poached eggs are nice, but once a week I try something new for my ongoing egg experiment.… Read more

AHP Popcorn for Breakfast!


Eat a breakfast of popcorn and half-and-half, sprinkle with a bit of salt and sugar… so good! Prepackaged popcorn isn’t going to cut it here, you’ll have to make your own. Don’t worry, it’s easy, if you follow the below instructions.… Read more

AHP Easy Gourmet Chocolate French Toast


For a quick and easy gourmet breakfast (dessert) try making the AHP Easy Gourmet Chocolate French Toast. The meal is just a wonderful as any you’ll have at a fancy restaurant and it’s simple! Since this site is for the whole family, this recipe also includes half plain French Toast.… Read more

Easy Ways to Eat Healthy


It’s a misnomer that eating healthy is inconvenient. Whether your eating at home or while out running around, there are plenty of options to eat healthy. I still stand by my statement, even if your unprepared, on a road trip.

One of the most common statements I am told, “I work full-time, I leave home early and come home late, I am too tired to make a healthy meal.” Before I say anything else, whether you work full-time in an office or at home, you are providing for your family, and I salute you!… Read more

AHP Powdered Donut Food Hack


Everyone likes donuts. My problem, I only like them when they are piping hot. That doesn’t happen very often when I go to my local doughnut shop, so I make mine at home. Something even more exciting, since this is a food hack you don’t have to wait until the weekend to make these fried treats!… Read more

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