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I am not a movie reviewer, a film buff, or well versed in cinema history. You do not want to read my movie reviews if you want a play-by-play of the technical insights of the cinematic experience or a smart rant by a “film snob.” I am, however, a mother of two very small children: a baby and a toddler. My children have seen every kids movie in the theaters since their birth. My children love going to the theater, and my toddler always offers up her own review after. Not only will my reviews briefly discuss my feelings, but also my children’s reaction to the movie. These reviews may have a lot more to do with a child’s point of view than many others. Many times I have a very different reaction than my children. I am also usually alone, taking my children to the movies. I do not have a pen and paper, writing down my analysis as I watch. I experience the movie with a baby on my lap, a toddler seated next to me, doling out snacks, water and hugs as I watch.



My reaction to Storks: Whether Warner Animation Group intended to create the perfect trifecta or not… they did! Babies and animals, all in an animated movie… children need nothing else. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it too. The struggles of parenting are highlighted in a humors way.… Read more

‘The Secret Life of Pets’


My reaction to The Secret Life of Pets: Adorably animated, upbeat and fun, fun, fun!

Max, a Jack Russell terrier (Louis C.K.) lives the good life with his owner Katie (Ellie Kemper). Until his ideal world is disrupted when his owner adopts Duke, a Newfoundland (Eric Stonestreet).… Read more

‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’


The premise: The betrayed “Ice Queen” consumed with rage over the loss of her daughter, ruled over the land destroying and conquering kingdoms, leaving children parentless in the wake of her misguided mind. In her self-righteous absurdity she believed… or at least pretended to… be gifting the orphaned children with the absence of all whom they loved.… Read more



My reaction to Zootopia: a must see, my favorite kids animation ever! The film addresses prejudices and stereotypes and those that concur them. A journey of the determination of a little bunny and the community of mammals big and small, predators and prey, that live together in kinship within the vibrant, diverse world of Zootopia.… Read more

‘Kung Fu Panda 3’


My reaction to Kung Fu Panda 3: It was the best in the series! Truthfully, I thought the third movie was going to be dreadful. Another one of those movie series stretching the storyline too far to squeeze out another film.… Read more

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