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Lets Make Simple Better!

Let’s fancify the food coming out of your kitchen. The recipes in this section probably won’t be organic but they will be tasty. A food hacks base is centered around a pre-made element or boxed item but will have a twist. The twist allows what could be a boring or bland dish to become something that you wouldn’t be ashamed to serve to a chief! These recipes are easy yet wonderful and can be made on any budget.

Food hacks allow an individual who may not be particularly inclined in the kitchen to provided fabulous meals, snacks or desserts to family and friends, without all the nerves and fuss. They are also great for people who just don’t have the time to make everything from scratch.

AHP Easy Peach Cobbler Hack


Fall is here and it’s time to bake. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of our baked confection dreams… that’s why we have food hacks! This hack is as simple as they come, a perfect recipe for toddlers to join in the fun, a busy parent or a novice in the kitchen.… Read more

AHP Campfire Cake Hack


Are you camping with family or friends and interested in making a cake? Well, the AHP Campfire Cake Hack may be a bit out of the ordinary… it’s cooked inside an orange. But don’t let the oddity dissuade you. It’s a wonderfully easy food hack and so much fun for all involved.  … Read more

AHP Horseradish Mac & Cheese Food Hack


If I am going to eat prepackaged mac & cheese, it’s going to be Kraft Velveeta Original Shells & Cheese. The creamy nature, the pasta capable of holding some of the sauce, is unlike some other slick extruded pastas. Although, this dish is fine served as is, here’s how I mix-it-up.… Read more

AHP Tres Leches Food Hack


A butter cake covered in an abundance of sugar and milk… whats not to like?! This recipe is AHP’s solution to Tres Leche cake, food hack style. The dessert probably isn’t prepared the way your mom made it, but I assure you it’s delicious.… Read more

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