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Babies third week of life.


Babies third week of life. 

Your baby will likely be able to stay up for 1.5 to 2 hours between nap times. She will probably be far more alert than the previous two weeks (and the trend will continue). She may even find her fingers or fist to suck on… if not now, soon.… Read more

Baby’s second week of life.

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Baby’s second week of life.

I call Week 2 of a newborn baby’s life “the sweet spot.” Whether this is your first baby or third, it takes time to adjust to the “new normal.” I am not suggesting that by the second week of your baby’s existence outside the womb, your life should be regulated, but the first week is hard.… Read more

The Sanctuary Many Moms are Missing


The peace many parents are missing in life is the gift of time… the sanctuary of calm and quiet that only the wee hours of the morning can bring. To capture this reinvigorating term, all one has to do is make a simple commitment in rising early.Read more

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