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More and more “regular” people, not just professional make-up artists, have been embracing the contour for an everyday make-up look. A contour is great, even though I prefer the less harsh, fresh face look. I stay away from the contour probably because I suffered from cystic acne for 15 years or so. If I can achieve a fresh face now, not a face distorted, inflamed, red, flakey and oily at the same time, I should embrace it right?!?

Although, I can appreciate a contour, one thing I hate, whether done professionally or not, is that applied shadows often sneak into the hairline. The problem is hard to get around. You need to brush right up to hair framing your face. I’ve done it too, and I find there is no worse feeling than caked on foundation or powder on the edges of my hair. I have often felt like I was in need of a shower, although I just finished getting ready. Worse than the feeling is the look. My hair is black and to have ashy white make-up applied on my hair is not flattering. If your hair is blonde or very light brown your hair may look as if it were attached with paste. Even if your facial color is close to the contour color used, most hair will appear dirty and feel awful.

Well there is an easy remedy. If your hair will allow it, apply your make-up before doing your hair, keep a towel wrapped around your head. Excess make-up, not meant for your hair, will be applied to the towel instead. If you are worried about damaging your towels, buy a cheap hair turban. I am not brand loyal, I have yet to find any superior than another.

If you have a hair type or style that won’t allow you to leave a towel on your head for the duration of make-up application, then buy a Tassi! I have written about the Tassi before it has made my life so much easier! The Tassi holds the hair without applying pressure allowing your hair to appear in the same state when removed.

Tassi Demonstration

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