Electric Soul



You were a man who always made an impression, that few will forget. Those graced with the simplest introduction will never misplace your name. Your captivating spirt clung to those around you, few will ever shake the experience of Ronnie Graham. Your charm easily captivated a room and in the coming years many will speak of your great stories, jovial air and talent. One of the best horsemen of your generation… your skill surpassed by few, will be honored by many.

You were a man who admittedly did the best he could being a father. A man with the strength to apologize for past sins in the years leading up to your death.  A man trying to get by sitting in the choices of his past.

I honor your drive and determination to survive in your senior years. Your brilliance, skill and work ethic defined you. Your death tragic but poetic, you left this world on the back of your profession and blessed in the eyes of some instead of withering away in a hospital bed sick waiting to die. Although, selfishly I would have preferred a farewell.

To many you were an immortal being, not in a trivial sense but appropriate for a man who was willing and able to work 7 days a week riding horses at nearly 80 years old.

I have idolized you even in our darkest hours. Loved you in a way I am not sure any can comprehend. I will ache for you always, treasure my upbringing no matter how harsh. I am who I am undoubtedly due to you.

I did not come into this world a mere product of science but came into this world tethered to your soul. A piece of me has died with you but you also live inside me, for that I am blessed.

I inherited your characteristics. Every curve of my face matches those of your youth. I gained 3 children who will share your face and will be a wonderful reminder of my father. My middle daughter beats to your song and will explode into this world with passion, thoughtfulness and determination thanks to your DNA and God’s blessing.

Your servants spirit thought me kindness and love.

God blessed me with you for you are what I needed.

You adopted many children who long for you to return. You were a teacher of many and a lover of most.

Existing on the earth without you is agonizing.




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