Emergency Restaurant iPhone Stand



When my husband watches our children, he finds it easiest to go out to lunch. His spot, Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW). The kids love the dark sports bar for some reason. My oldest frequently states it’s her favorite restaurant. She loves her special spot with Daddy. Yesterday, to round off the Christmas holiday, my husband requested that we all go to BWW together. Towards the end of our meal, my baby had enough. Unfortunately, we could not leave. We needed another 10 minutes to wrap things up. I would typically let her play a game or watch a film on my phone for a few minutes, but I left my purse at home, consequently I didn’t have my Kikkerland Phone Stand.

My husband, who is not a figure-it-out type, did something genius (in the parenting world). He karate chopped one of the cardboard bowls they pass out at the establishment. The phone rested perfectly propped up on our newly made iPhone stand, allowing my baby to watch a few minutes of a video, then play a game without picking up my phone and dropping it. My husband, always thoroughly unprepared, solved a problem! Not every restaurant gives you cardboard trash bowls for your chicken wing debris, but if you’re ever out for some cheap eats, this quick-tip was a lifesaver!

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