Fix Winter Dry Skin with the Beauty Blender


Winter weather is starting to plummet. Many will suffer from severely chapped skin leaving their face and make-up looking dry, dull and flakey. My solution to the problem is to use intense moisture under your make-up. Whether your go to winter remedy is Vasoline, Aquaphor, avocado oil or vitamin E… use it. Apply a thin layer of whatever substance you please, then let it sit. Before applying your make-up, don’t wipe off the moisturizer your face needs, blend it in with the Beauty Blender. Just as you would blend your foundation, blend the moisturizer. Whatever substance your face is able to soak-in it will, and the excess will be wiped away, allowing you to apply your make-up with a truly moisturized face. This technique will leave your face feeling supple and nourished.

If you want to true intense organic moisturizer that will heal your dry skin fast, send an inquiry to for a consultation for a custom deep moisturizer.

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