Flying Dog 2015 Holiday Collection



I have written about Flying Dog Brewery before. One of my favorite beers is their Double Dog Double IPA. The craft brewery has released their 2015 Holiday Collection. The Cranberry IPA in the grouping is outstanding, an explosion of flavor. The beer maintains the hoppy-ness of an IPA while achieving a light sweetness, almost a dessert quality.

They’ve once again partnered with Otterbein’s Cookies in Baltimore to pair cookies with drink, which I think is a marvelous idea. I usually have a dessert with beer and am always up for a sweet suggestion.

In general I steer clear of seasonal ingestible products. Many companies are not thoughtful in their random add-ins of all-spice, pumpkin spice or cloves to their holiday line of products, but Flying Dog did it right with the Cranberry IPA!

I did’t like the other flavors very much, but they are not overbearing… just not my thing. Flying Dog knows how to add appropriate spice to the party in every season. Their Pumpkin IPA from Flying Dog, The Gourd Standard, a fall beer, was amazing as well. I do wish their Cranberry IPA and Pumpkin IPA weren’t just a seasonal drinks.

There list of beer and cookie pairings.

Citrus Saison with Sugar Cookies
Belgian Pale Ale with Orange White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cranberry IPA with Lemon Cookies
Fig and Fennel Stout with Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Check out my other Flying Dog article, My Fav Fall Snack!

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