Freeze Your Eyeliner Quick-tip



No matter who you are—a mommy on a budget, teenager, or a person that just can’t fathom spending $20.00 plus on an eyeliner pencil—at some point in our lives, most of us have purchased cheap make-up. Cost effective make-up can be great, sometimes better than the rest (Dr. Pepper chapstick, my favorite). But depending on the application, make-up needs different textures.

As you all know, I am growing out my eyebrows, to be as natural (gigantic) as possible. This morning, I decided I needed to fill-in a patch of new hair growth. I grabbed the only black pencil I had, it was too soft and I couldn’t achieve the hair like quality I was looking for. There are many examples of needing a harder pencil, this is only one. If you need a firmer pencil and don’t want to buy a new one, here’s my quick-tip: freeze your eyeliner!

If you try this quick-tip and choose to store your eye-liner in the freezer full-time, store it on the bottom shelf. The bottom is usually the warmest section of the freezer, besides the freezer doors. Depending on the temperature of your freezer, the bottom section should provide the perfect hardness. If your freezer is very cold and you have found the eyeliner too brittle sitting on the lowest shelf, move eyeliner to the freezer doors. If, like me, you realize the morning of, that you needed a harder liner immediately, put eyeliner in the center of your freezer and keep there as long as possible before application.

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