Get Your Baby Some Dutch Doors



Dutch doors aren’t just for horses, they’re for babies too! Baby gates are wretched! Not only are they hideous, but they are damaging to your home. I always try to integrate everything “baby” into our living spaces seamlessly. One of my solutions in place of having baby gates is using Dutch doors instead of the standard. Having a whole Dutch door is great but you can also use just the bottom half which works in any location even on banisters! A Dutch door won’t close off your space in the way a traditional door would. Having the ability to keep the top half open will leave your home open and airy.

Depending on your needs, you can use the Dutch doors forever, long after baby doesn’t need them anymore. They work perfectly for dog gates, for safely working in the kitchen, and they are a wonderful delineation for “no entry” when you have parties.

The reality of a tradition baby gate is…

tension gates

Even tension gates destroy your walls. The pressure applied to your beautifully painted walls will inevitably cause the paint to come off when you remove the gates. As far as the performance of the gate, they of often unsuccessful. I’ve never had one that didn’t fall down frequently.

screw-in gates

Screw-in gates stay in place, but just as the tension gates they destroy your walls. Quite frankly, not anymore damage will be done by screw-in gates but once you remove them you have plenty of patching and painting to do.

zip-tied gates

That’s just insane and they destroy the look of your home!

Step-by-step instructions to make your own Dutch doors.

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