Going off to college!



Before your son or daughter goes off to college, they will probably receive a list of dorm room necessities from their school.

Redundant ridiculous items that are probably on the list.

  • Alarm clock/clock radio: They probably have an iPhone… seems like a bizarre reminder.
  • MP3 player: Is this 1990? They’re obviously using their phone!
  • Laptop: This will be the first item they’ll pack. Also a strange recommendation. They’re going to bring a laptop if they have one.
  • 3 × 5 index cards: I am sure by the time your child is entering college they’ll have figured out how, and with what they are going to use to study.
  • Antacid: I never needed these before pregnancy, and if I did use antacids in college, I could have just picked some up at the campus store.
  • Antidiarrheal medicine: Also, never needed these, they probably don’t either. If by chance they are a person that needs this medication, I’m sure they don’t need the dorm room necessities list to inform them.

The above type of  list is not helpful. Here are some problems with using “the list” as a guide.

If they follow “the list” and your child and their three other roommates do as well, the four of them will have achieved a dorm room that might look closer to a coupon-ers apartment than a youthful dwelling. They’ll have 4 ironing boards, 4 irons, 4 flashlights, 4 bottles of antidiarrheal medication etc.

My advice to mom’s and dad’s preparing their child for college, buy them items that they’ll need: sheets and noise canceling headphones, and teach a little responsibility and give them a few hundred dollars for odds and ends later down they line, or when they realize that no one else bought an iron. If your child blows the money, they’ll learn quick and if they do the right thing then thats even better.

Some suggestions that you might actually need.

  • Sharpie’s: You’ll need these for labeling your food. Ah, sounds so gross saying that as an adult, but this will prevent many arguments.
  • Noise canceling headphones: If you love your child you will buy them these… just joking! Parents, these are expensive but worth it. Noise canceling headphones will help your child more easily be successful in college and with roommates. My suggestion for headphones, the Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, they are amazing!
  • Flip flops: Especially if you have a community shower.

The most important part of staying sane while having roommates: law and order!

  • A roommate contract: The document should clearing outline the expectations for all individuals residing in the dorm or apartment and their guests, that is universally agreed upon (ex. when one person is studying everyone should keep it down).
  • A chore list and chore rotation document.

If you don’t want to make your own, we sell both documents in our store!

Law & Order college bundle!

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