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If you are one that favors healthy options for your family, even on Halloween, I have a couple fun festive options for you. AHP Clementine Pumpkins and AHP Banana Ghosts. They are so much fun. Adults love them when they are feeling festive and kids love anything with a face or cute. My toddler talked about how wonderful they were for hours after I made them. The inventive little snacks are great for your next Halloween party or a smart way to encourage your little one to eat healthy foods year-round!

If you are like me and hate peeling citrus I also have a quick-tip for you too!

peeling quick-tip

I hate peeling clementines or any citrus of any kind: Your hands get uncomfortably sticky, juice squirts everywhere, I often have a hard time breaking through the peel depending on the type of fruit, when I am successful it’s usually a mess. Well, I have a no-stick way to peel a clementine using a Bambu bamboo fork… they’re organic!

When packing citrus for an outing I never leave home with out his cute little fork (I linked to the spork, same fork but you get a spoon too), so I don’t get sticky! Even while at home with immediate access to the sink, this is the only way to peel a citrus fruit. Why does this bamboo organic fork work? Because the tines are not very sharp, they can easily puncture the rind without damaging the flesh. The spacing of the spears allows one to enter then exit the rind and glide gown the fruit. With enough practice one can take the wrapping off with one motion, then peel off in one piece!

AHP Clementine Pumpkins

ingredients for AHP Clementine Pumpkins

  • clementines
  • cucumber

instructions for AHP Clementine Pumpkins

  1. Peel the desired number of clementines using the AHP Citrus Peeing Technique.
  2. If needed, use kitchen tweezers to pull out the center core. If you push the core inside it’s just another thing for your guest or family to have to dissect and drop on your floor.
  3. Cut a cucumber into imperfect matchsticks (I don’t use a mandolin) real pumpkins are wonky!

AHP Banana Ghosts

ingredients for AHP Banana Ghosts

  • bananas
  • mini chocolate chips

instructions for AHP Banana Ghosts

  1. Peel bananas and cut in half.
  2. Apply ghost eyes and mouth using mini chocolate chips.
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