Help Rolling Out Cookie Dough or Pie Crust



Are you having problems rolling out your cookies or pie crust? Here are a few tips to successfully roll out your dough.


keep your dough cool

  1. Your dough should remain as cool as possible. If you have more than one item to roll out, only remove one piece of dough from the fridge at a time.
  2. Put an aluminum baking sheet in your freezer a couple hours before you begin making the dough. If the fat becomes warm once you have rolled out the dough, place the chilled baking dish on your dough to remove the heat.

slow & steady

Great force and speed are not going to help you win the race in rolling out dough. Apply light even pressure instead.

dough thickness

It’s hard to evaluate the thickness of your dough. If you have trouble in this area, buy silicone rolling pin spacer bands. They will help you reach the desired thickness without any thought.

cutting out your cookies

  1. You don’t want to overwork your dough, so cut out as many cookies as you can at once. Once your dough is rolled out place all your cookie cutters on the dough before applying pressure and cutting them out.
  2. Apply even pressure to cookie cutter and don’t wiggle them around. Press straight down.
  3. Move cookies to baking sheet by keeping cookie cutters on dough and using spatula to carry both the dough and cookie cutter to baking sheet. Once the dough within the cookie cutter is on the baking sheet remove cookie cutter and scraps.
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