Honest Brand Diapers Review


Have you ever used Honest brand diapers and would you recommend them?


After the birth of my baby I tried just about every option in diapering, including Honest brand diapers. We ultimately chose Seventh Generation Diapers. I wanted to give you a thorough and accurate review of the product, so I purchased a box of Honest brand diapers and used them on my baby to better answer your question and give a review.

Why we originally chose Seventh Generation diapers?

Our wish… to provide the safest, most comfortable, eco-friendly disposable diaper for our baby. One free from fragrances, lotions and chlorine bleach. After testing a handful of brands within those parameters, the two winners were Seventh Generation and Honest brand diapers.

I asked my husband to make the final decision, I didn’t mind either way. Both brands are comparable in their mission, ingredients,  functionality and price. Although, Seventh Generation adds pigment to make the diaper brownish, the color felt fresh, more natural, so truthfully it was purely a metal decision. Honest brand diapers also adds pigment. Their inks are free from lead and heavy metals.

My experience with Honest Brand Diapers.

Honest and Seventh Generation diapers seem to be comparable in every way. Their construction is virtually identical and their list of materials as well. They are both high-quality diapers free from fragrances, lotions and chlorine bleach. I have never had an issue with absorbency or leakage with either brand.

My baby has chosen differently than I.

Although, I love the brownish color, when my baby saw the glimmering pink diaper, she began insisting on only pink diapers! The pink design has given her so much happiness. She is a baby that likes to be changed and always have a fresh diaper immediately when she poops or pees, but she seems more excited now than ever for diaper changes.  She has been bringing the pink Honest diapers into me and saying change… pink!




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