How do I get my toddler to “brush” his teeth?



How do I get my toddler to “brush” his teeth?


Oral hygiene is important at any age. Unfortunately for us parents, it’s a common problem to have children unwilling to brush their teeth. Many children hate the experience. Maybe due to their little mouths, or maybe they just don’t want a giant stick-like toothbrush pushed around near their throat. Even for children who are willing the brush their teeth on their own, they aren’t able to preform the task properly. Dentists advise that parents/caregivers should brush their toddlers teeth first and that the child should practice after. 

some tips

  • Toddlers aren’t able to reason as an adult. Their logic is most often based on whether they wan’t to or not. Make dental health fun! When I was having issues with my toddlers aversion to having her teeth brushed, I did a few things.
  • I tossed out her old toothbrush.
  • Told her we were going on a shopping trip to get her fun stuff to brush her teeth.
  • I let her pick out whatever toothbrush she wanted, I hyped it up, she was so excited. She also picked out her favorite flavor of toothpaste, rinse and little dixie cups with her best designs.
  • When we got home she was so excited to use her new stuff she asked to brush her teeth right away. I let her brush them on her own. I didn’t want to ruin the moment. She proceeded to brush her teeth several times that day.
  • That evening before bed, I let her brush her teeth. Then I told her that I needed to brush them afterwards. She was hesitant, but let me do it. Now she is obsessed with brushing her teeth. Often I ask her, “What do you want to do today?” She replies, “Brush my teeth then eat food.”

other tips

  • Most kids love to floss. Get your child, kid’s dental floss picks. They just might be the gateway to success.
  • If your child isn’t excited about cartoon themed toothbrushes, buy some wooden toothbrushes and decorate the handle with nontoxic paint or stickers.
  • If you have more then one child, have them brush their teeth together. If one doesn’t want to, he/she is likely to change his/her mind after watching their sibling.
  • Brushing a child’s teeth can be tricky. The angle is not working in your favor and it may be uncomfortable for you child. Try having your toddler lay down or sit on the toilet to brush their teeth. You’ll get the job done without all the discomfort.


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