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Very few people I know put much effort if any in styling their children’s hair. I get it, the last thing we have time for as parents is to spend 20 minutes on a fancy hairstyle for our sweaty kids. Yet, you’ve got to admit, day-after-day an air dried ponytail or tight bun is a bit boring. My toddler personally puts in requests for her hairdos daily. It’s often blown dry (for the princess look, according to her). If you don’t have, or don’t want to put in a significant amount of time in styling your child’s hair, but would like to switch up the morning hairstyle routine, try an upside-down French braid. Although… curling, teasing, or scrunching will add a little excitement to the style, an upside-down French braid will transform any air-dried hair into a manicured adorable look!

In our house my toddler looks forward to Mom styling her hair or painting her nails. For her it’s not about the amount of time the activity takes, but she always says, “Thanks for doing it special for me Mommy.” So, if hair is not your thing or you’re under time constraints, this is a fast and easy solution that will make your child feel special. It’s also a great hairdo for a busy mom!

how to…

I have found that instead of asking little kids to flip their head over, it’s easiest to have them lay on their stomachs in bed.

  1. Have your child lay on their stomach or flip your head over if your creating the style on yourself.
  2. Brush their hair towards you.
  3. Start braid at the nape of the neck. Braid to desired ponytail or bun height. If you want the look pictured, braid the top of the hair too, in a second braid. Then flip the ponytails under the braids.
  4. Secure braided section with a silicone rubberband.
  5. Use Goody® SlideProof™ Secure Fit Elastics to secure all the hair in a ponytail or bun.

I prefer a messy bun, but if you like a a structured bun use The Wrap Up by Beachwaver Co..

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