How to make a pinch pot.



In theory, the art of pottery is a wonderful activity for toddlers, but in actuality it can be a rough proposition to carry out. To mold pottery, one needs patience, skill and coordination at a level that I don’t believe many toddlers have. As an adult, I surely don’t have the skill. Many of my friends have began pottery projects at home with their children only to end up with a mound of clay on their dining room table, a mess, and a lot of frustration. After seeing this scenario play out a few times, I recalled the pinch pots I used to make as a little one. A pinch pot is made of firm clay. Clay that is easily molded without much water, if any. My mother is still in possession of one I created at five-years-old. I remember “sculpting” it to this day. That day at school, I wore stretch pants, a headband and sat at a brown veneered cafeteria bench table. The classroom had a outdoor exit where recess took place afterwards, which the art teacher let me skip to finish up my pot. I was so excited to present my little sculpture of pinched clay to my mother. The pot was royal purple and covered in circle impressions made with a straw.

If you’re in need for a fun craft, I highly recommend this activity.

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