I’m Loosing My Hair After Birth



I’m losing my hair after giving birth to my twins. Is this normal?


Yes, don’t worry, hair loss is normal. All moms encounter the unfortunate occurrence that coincides with postpartum hormone shifts. Before your pregnancy, you probably shed 100 or so strands of hair a day. During pregnancy, your rising hormone levels caused your hair to enter a “resting phase,” (your hair sheds less). Throughout your pregnancy your hair may have seemed better looking, very thick in comparison to your pre-pregnancy hair. Even if you had very thick hair pre-pregnancy and could stand to have your hair thin out a bit, when you lose hair postpartum it can come out in handfuls and may be alarming. It’s also not pleasant to get hair everywhere!

When does this happen?

Most often between 3 to 6 months postpartum.

How much will you lose?

Probably 500 strands a day.

Will it grow back?

Yes, but it can take years to fully recover. Your hair may be very thin by the end of the shedding faze. My hair still hasn’t recovered fully since having my second baby. By the time my daughter was 8-months old, I had to use Bumble and Bumble Soft Black Hair Powder to fill in all the “bald spots.” I looked awful. My hair looks much better nowadays.

How to care for your hair.

I brush my hair often when I am going through the shedding phase postpartum. There is nothing that can be done to prevent hair loss. So to keep from shedding all over your home, office, or car, brush it before you leave a trail behind you!

Excessive hair loss after pregnancy.

If you feel like you’re having excessive hair loss after your child’s first birthday, talk to your healthcare provider. You may have other medical issues.


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