Is your toddler adding “y” to the end of his words?



Is your toddler adding “y” to the end of his/her words? If you have wondered why, there are a few potential possibilities. You may have already scoured the internet and read articles or threads on the topic… they have probably accused you of using “baby talk” around your children. If you have never used “baby talk,” (neither have I) and your child/children have started adding “y” to the end of their words, there is another reason that is highly likely… one not to be concerned with. Both my children stared adding “y” to some of their words sometime around their second birthday. They were adding the extension intentionally. My youngest says the word pink all day long, 80% of the time she says pink accurately the other 20% of the time she adds “y.” They are adding “y” because the want everything to be cute. The English language uses the diminutive in grammar indicating smallness, affection etc., which is commonly achieved by adding “y” to a word to make it dainty, cute or adorable. 


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