Jeuge up those boring bathroom shelves!



There’s never anything too interesting happening in the world of bathroom shelving. The options… a tiled or glass shelf… but both are boring. Neither can withstand the destructive power of water. Water will inevitably collect on a tiled shelf, wearing away the grout, then ultimately travel to the walls. A glass shelf may combat waters advances, but it will always appear dirty and covered in water spots.

Looking for an beautiful alternative? Try wood! Not just any wood… Ipe, also known as Brazilian Walnut (not actually walnut) or Lapacho (it has many other names). Some may think wood an odd chose when water is present, but not in regards to Ipe. It’s a “super wood.” Carrying the same fire rating as concrete and steel, and with a density that causes it to sink in water, it’s fit for any bathroom.

It’s true the lumber is difficult to work, but it’s worth it! Cutting the material may wear away your blades or bits but nothing to fuss over. My husband and I installed this shelf ourselves without much hassle.

Cleaning is a cinch too. Rub on some coconut oil (I let it sit) then wipe away.

I have loved this wood shelf so much, in my next bathroom renovation I am going to skip the tile and line my shower with Ipe!


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