Justin’s Minis


I agree with Justin’s slogan: “The best tasting nut butter & peanut butter cups on the planet.” My favorite nut butter is their Maple Almond Butter and all their peanut butter cups are great… but they are not equal. Justin’s superior peanut butter cup is their Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, they’re nothing short of perfection!

They’ve got the ratios just right. Before I discovered JUSTIN’S MINIS (a much better name) I had yet to find peanut butter cups that had enough peanut butter. I always had extra bits of chocolate left over that I would through out or give to my husband. All the “famous” brands including other popular organic peanut butter can not compete. All my trick-or-treaters will be enjoying the best this Halloween, a handful of Justin’s Minis.

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